TV Review: Luke Cage!

TV REVIEW!  Is Luke Cage as unbreakable as the main character? Find out now!

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TV Review: Westworld

TV REVIEW! Westworld has arrived! Is the latest HBO series worthy of your HBO Go subscription? Find out now!

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TV Review: The Tick!

TV Review! The Tick is back! Should the pilot make you swarm the Amazon Prime Pilot polls, or was the character best left forgotten? Find out NOW! 

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Movie Review: Suicide Squad!

MOVIE REVIEW! The latest installment of the DC Cinematic Universe is here! Will Suicide Squad help right the ship, or is it another leak in the hull? Find out now!

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Movie Review: Batman: The Killing Joke

One of the most controversial Batman stories of all time has been given the WB Animation treatment! Should you pick up The Killing Joke when it hits stores next week, or wait for the $5 bin? Find out now!

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