TV Review: The Defenders!

TV REVIEW! The Defenders have united! Is Netflix and Marvel’s streaming team up worth the wait? Find out now!

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Movie Review: The Dark Tower!

MOVIE REVIEW! At long last, Stephen King’s magnun opus has hit the big screen! Is The Dark Tower a worthy addition to the epic tale, or have the people involved forgotten the faces of their fathers? Find out now!

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Comic Review: Generations Hulk and Elsewhere!

COMIC REVIEWS!!! This week Marvel’s Generations one shot even kicks off with a tale of two Hulks, and Elsewhere reveals where Amelia Earhart went all those years ago (maybe).

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Movie Review: Spider-Man Homecoming!

MOVIE REVIEW!!! At long last, Spider-Man is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Does his web catch you just like a fly? Find out now!

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Comic Review Special: Babyteeth!

COMIC REVIEW!!! Yeah, the Fourth of July messed up the release date for comics. But don’t worry, here’s a special mini comic review of Babyteeth‘s second issue, as well as a “reprint” of my review of the first issue!

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Movie Review: Wonder Woman!

DC’s Amazon has FINALLY made it to the big screen. Is Wonder Woman the movie that will save the Warner Bros’ DCEU? Find out now!

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Comic Reviews: Cable and Saga!

COMIC REVIEWS! This week the man known as Cable is back in a new ongoing, and we check in with the special 25 cent issue of Saga!

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