Mar 022013
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At least one of you is guilty of reacting the same way our friendly barkeep does in this week’s thrilling issue of Ladies’ Knight with Kuros.  At least one.  Maybe Kuros’ point of view will make you react differently in the future!  To what are we referring?  You’ll have to read on to find out!

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Feb 012013
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As always with advice given by our good friend Kuros, use it at your own risk.  However, in today’s electric issue of Ladies’ Knight with Kuros, you’ll be given some hot info that just might get you laid!  Or not.  Actually, probably don’t do it, as your mileage may vary.  You make the call.

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Sep 172012
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If you’re going to get down and dirty with your partner, there are some accessories you might need in the heat of the moment.  In this week’s Ladies’ Knight, Kuros recounts such a tale where a crucial tool was not on hand at a critical time.  Based on a true story.  You don’t want to miss it!

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