Spooky Listening 2: Electrical BOO!-galoo

This is no trick but a treat, the ever-anticipated sequel to spooky listening, where I present to you some ghoulishly delicious delights from around the internet to listen to this Halloween season. May I present the spoopiest specials from non-horror… Read more

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The 10 Greatest Episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Space Ghost episodes have long been condemned to out-of-print, incomplete DVD collections and sketchy YouTube uploads. But with the recent passing of animator and voice actor Clay Martin Croker, and the release of most of the episodes online, there has… Read more

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The Sega 32X Had the Greatest Infomercial Ever

As most people who grew up playing video games in the 90s know, the Sega Genesis had a couple of mid-life peripherals that were released to increase the console’s capabilities prior to the launch of the Sega Saturn. Let’s talk… Read more

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Wayback Burgers Ghostbusters Special Menu Review

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, burgers, shakes, or mac & cheese bites. For the longest time, there have been movie-themed menu items designed to experiment with unique food combinations. Whether it’s the Minions-themed menu at IHOP, the X-Men Apocalypse… Read more

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The 8 Ups and Downs of the XFL

With the fifteenth anniversary of the birth and subsequent death of Vince McMahon’s football league, let’s look at what made the XFL great and what brought it crashing down.

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5 Reasons You Need to Watch Soccer

In the UK, soccer (or “football,” but that debate is for a different article) is by far the biggest and most watched sport. In fact, it’s the most watched sport in the world. As discussed on the some recent episodes… Read more

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9 Gaming Groans about Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is has been unleashed upon the public, expanding social activity and making Nintendo happy by forcing us to finally go outside and make them money or just prove that Pokemon is the most popular game franchise ever. But… Read more

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5 Notable Ghostbusters Movie Games

The new Ghostbusters reboot just hit theaters. It’s controversial (or is it?) because of an all-new, all-female lineup. Man-babies around the globe are screaming to be heard because they would have rather seen a “true” Ghostbusters III involving the surviving… Read more

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5 Great Canada Cameos in Video Games

Today is a great day for Canada, and therefore the world. Yes, today we celebrate Canada Day, the birthday of the greatest nation in the history of time. As you can imagine, it’s a big deal for us whenever the… Read more

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9 Awesome Pre-YouTube Parody Films

Thanks to YouTube, movie parodies are a dime a dozen. Anyone can do it and share their work with the click of a button. But once upon a time, in an era that predated YouTube, broadband internet, and even access… Read more

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I Can’t Stop Watching Gotham

Gotham is one of the cheesiest, eye-rolling, waste-of-time shows on TV right now. I can’t even recommended it to people. If I try to explain the show, I refer to it as “Batman Forever: The Show” because, like Batman: Forever,… Read more

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Like Ex Machina? Here’s Why You Should Watch Equals

The genre of science fiction doesn’t always leave room for feelings. Brainy, cerebral techno-dramas and other similarly barren emotional landscapes have long been the stage for stories that consider the bigger “what-ifs?” about our solar system and what lies beyond…. Read more

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The 5 Most Overpowered M.A.S.K.s

M.A.S.K., or Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, was a popular children’s television show/toy brand in the 80s. Transformers were vehicles that turned into robots, and M.A.S.K.s were vehicles that turned into other vehicles, which made for some truly nifty toys. I… Read more

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Fresh Ideas for the WWE Brand Split

Well, we’re getting a brand split again. More and more rumors are dropping on how the WWE will handle the draft and the overall schism. So what’s gonna happen?

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