The 8 Best and Worst Xbox Covers

This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the original Xbox: Microsoft’s first entry into the video game console market launched on November, 2001. The Xbox, which is Spanish for “the Xbox,” was a wild card. Sony’s Playstation 2 was a… Read more

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Undertale, Grinding, and My Cousin Simon

This Christmas I went on a small trip to the village of Sainte-Eugene to meet up with my father’s family. Though most of the conversations were dominated by the surreal weather of a green, snow-free Christmas Eve and the major… Read more

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The Top 26 Torturous Home Alone Traps

After directed and writing a series of acclaimed teenage drama-comedies, John Hughes shat out the script for Home Alone in less than a week. It was directed by Chris Columbus of Rent fame, and the rest is history. Both Home… Read more

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Sierra Entertainment’s Silliest Theme Songs

Video game theme songs have been around for quite some time, but none were as terrible memorable as those from Sierra’s CD-ROM games from the 90s. With the advent of CD-ROM drives in home computers, developers had access to loads… Read more

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12 Modern Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck

I unabashedly and unironically love Christmas songs, but for what seems like decades, we’ve been stuck with the same old standards year after year. Even if new albums release, they are almost always full of covers. How many goddamn variations… Read more

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7 Horror Movies that Would Be Great TV Shows

One of the stranger trends of the last couple years is the boom of horror adaptations on TV. There have always been horror shows, like the 80s’ Freddy’s Nightmares and Friday the 13th series, but those were based on mega-successful… Read more

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6 Woes of Warcraft

Legendary Pictures and Universal recently unveiled the trailer for Duncan Jones’ live-action Warcraft flick. According to the ever-so-exciting official website, the story involves “the realm of Azeroth stand[ing] on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race… Read more

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7 Bizarre Soundtracks Inspired by Books

We live in a world filled with countless soundtracks — soundtracks based on movies, TV shows, video games, and Broadway musicals. But soundtracks based on books? Those things with words written on paper? Well, those musical adaptations are rare indeed…. Read more

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