Agent Carter Season 2 Premiere Review

If you haven’t seen the full two-hour premiere (“The Lady in the Lake” and “A View in the Dark” aired back to back), continue at your own risk. You can’t talk about espionage without a few spoilers!

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Jessica Jones Season 1 Binge Review

Spending Turkey Day binging on Netflix? Having watched all thirteen episodes of Jessica Jones, I’m here to influence your decision with a spoiler-free review!

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Agents of SHIELD “Many Heads, One Tale” Review

In one smooth motion, SHIELD has weaved nearly all of its threads together into one overarching story. That in itself is impressive, especially without anyone figuring out beforehand that it all connected (the show is living up to that infamous… Read more

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Agents of SHIELD “Scars” Review

There was an unusual amount of name-dropping in this episode, including the likes of several Avengers, Ultron, and at last, the Inhumans. With that came very quick, but major (and spoiler-y), connections to the latest movie. I enjoyed the thematic… Read more

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Daredevil Season 1 Review

I started at 8am the day Daredevil released and finished at about 11:20pm. Let me tell you, it was a hell of a ride. I’m sure you guys have been hearing the hype about Daredevil non-stop now, and I’m only… Read more

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