Agents of SHIELD “Who You Really Are” Review

Look who showed up! Lady Sif made her reappearance on this week’s episode, complete with a handy case of amnesia. Now amnesia plot points are, more often than not, just lazy. That being said, I can let Sif’s Amnesia slide… Read more

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Agent Carter “Valediction” Review

After just eight episodes, the season has come to a conclusion! Was it a satisfying one? I would say so. All of our characters, now no longer just clichés, got a satisfying conclusions to their arcs. Where do I begin?

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Agent Carter “Snafu” Review

Well damn, that was an intense episode — one where the buildup was at an all time high. And man, it’s hard not to immediately touch on Dooley’s awesome scene. [Spoilers follow.]

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Agent Carter “Time and Tide” Review

Time and Tide was a pretty damn good episode. It was all about Peggy and Jarvis closing in on Stark’s stolen technology while the SSR started to close in on them. This episode provided some great character moments and actor… Read more

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Agent Carter Season Premiere Review

Agent Carter is already off to a far better start than Agents of SHIELD when it began. With the first two hour long episode of Agent Carter, it’s looking to be another Marvel hit: the writing, tone, and pacing are… Read more

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