Oct 142014
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Dave, Chris, Henry, and Grimm make another surprise trip to the Impact Zone as they review what may be TNA’s final PPV, the Japan-themed Bound for Glory. Additionally, the crew chats some more about Hoodslam and the WWE’s poor buildup to Hell in a Cell while Dave discusses this week’s episode of Raw. Continue reading »

Jul 302014
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Did you know Duckman and the WWE had a whirlwind romance in the mid-90s? Every audio clip of this offbeat pairing has been captured so that Duckmen Dave and Chris can talk about it. Also on tap; TNA’s dire straits, stories of wrestlers making poop pranks, our La Ventura commentary pack, and much more! Continue reading »

Jul 222014
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Dave, Henry, Grimm, and Brett discuss the mostly disappointing Battleground’s slow build to Summerslam and go apeshit recounting animal-based wrestling gimmicks. In between those segments, Dave discusses his thoughts on Brock Lesnar’s return and other post-PPV Raw developments. Continue reading »