The Castlevania timeline explained SUPER CASUALLY

You wouldn’t know it from the total lack of fanfare or acknowledgement, but one of gaming’s longest-running franchises recently turned 30 years old, a milestone reserved for only the heaviest of hitters. While its past two or three years have… Read more

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The Sega 32X Had the Greatest Infomercial Ever

As most people who grew up playing video games in the 90s know, the Sega Genesis had a couple of mid-life peripherals that were released to increase the console’s capabilities prior to the launch of the Sega Saturn. Let’s talk… Read more

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Wayback Burgers Ghostbusters Special Menu Review

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, burgers, shakes, or mac & cheese bites. For the longest time, there have been movie-themed menu items designed to experiment with unique food combinations. Whether it’s the Minions-themed menu at IHOP, the X-Men Apocalypse… Read more

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See How Big a Deal Network TV Was Thirty Years Ago

Before we had unlimited access to a hundred billion channels and streaming options, the big three networks had a literal monopoly. So when September rolled around, you better believe NBC, CBS and ABC pulled out all the stops and treated their… Read more

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The 8 Ups and Downs of the XFL

With the fifteenth anniversary of the birth and subsequent death of Vince McMahon’s football league, let’s look at what made the XFL great and what brought it crashing down.

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Monday Night Movie – Ernest Goes to Jail

Brettober begins with my favorite Ernest film, the one where he gains magnetic / electric powers, dresses as an elderly woman and consumes an ink pen in front of a courtroom. Oh he also goes to jail. Hence the name…. Read more

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