9 Awesome Pre-YouTube Parody Films

Thanks to YouTube, movie parodies are a dime a dozen. Anyone can do it and share their work with the click of a button. But once upon a time, in an era that predated YouTube, broadband internet, and even access… Read more

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I Can’t Stop Watching Gotham

Gotham is one of the cheesiest, eye-rolling, waste-of-time shows on TV right now. I can’t even recommended it to people. If I try to explain the show, I refer to it as “Batman Forever: The Show” because, like Batman: Forever,… Read more

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Like Ex Machina? Here’s Why You Should Watch Equals

The genre of science fiction doesn’t always leave room for feelings. Brainy, cerebral techno-dramas and other similarly barren emotional landscapes have long been the stage for stories that consider the bigger “what-ifs?” about our solar system and what lies beyond…. Read more

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