15 Aladdin Facts You Never Knew

This diamond in the rough finally has an HD release, so we feel like sharing tons of secrets. Like that Prince Ali was Aladdin all along!

By Hank | 5

6 Unexpectedly Bloody Games

When it comes to videogames, you can usually judge a game by its cover and understand that serious gun-toting dudes will bring the blood. Once in a while, however, we’ll find that the greatest gore comes in some of the strangest… Read more

By DaverTime | 9

5 Video Games with Awful Voice Acting

The Last of Us’ Ellie and Joel, Far Cry 3’s Vaas, The Walking Dead’s Clementine — these characters evoke emotional responses because of the stellar performances behind them. On the opposite end of the spectrum is voice work so abysmal… Read more

By LaserTimeContributor | 4

SNL Viewers Club: Miley Cyrus

American’s favorite not-so-sweetheart Miley Cyrus returns to SNL! How did she fare? How strong was the premiere? How does the season outlook… uh, look? These answers may or may be found in the return of SNL Viewers Club!

By LaserTony | 4