Mar 042015
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On September 27, 2014, the CW Network aired its two-hour Saturday cartoon block, aptly named Vortexx, for the last time. Under different circumstances, it wouldn’t be such a big deal that you wouldn’t catch new episodes of Digimon Fusion anymore. Thing is, the CW was the last over-the-air television network to feature Saturday morning cartoons, so their conclusion of Vortexx led to a sad truth: Saturday morning cartoons are dead.

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Mar 032015
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laser time clayfighter stream

[UPDATE: YouTube archive embedded below for your viewing pleasure. WARNING: Cheap Kills and Hank Hills (impressions)]

Come on, watch us if you dare! Starting at 3:30 PM Pacific (6:30 PM Eastern) Chris and Dave will attempt the ClayFighter gauntlet, playing through as much of the first three ClayFighter games as they can on the heels of the recently announced revival.

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Mar 022015
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Play Write

For someone who enjoys a great story, is there anything better than a narrative that engages you from the very start? Imagine a world so rich you can almost smell the scents in the air, a delivery so clever it forces you to think in a way you never thought you would. I’m Ryan J. Hodge, author, and I’d like to talk to you about…video games.

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Mar 022015
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Laser Time, Duke Nukem, Veronica Venom, short story, fan fiction

The Duke Nukem series is all about being a crude action hero, but the terrible things that happen to women are shocking. “Get our babes back” was the motto at one point. But what if one of these damsels in distress wanted to escape by herself? This is the story of Veronica Venom. It isn’t humorless, hopeless, restrained, or meant to arouse. It’s a short story about survival and our place in a cold universe.

Plus, there are lasers.

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