Nov 232014
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Laser Time, ludonarrative dissonance

A while back, the games industry got itself all in a tizzy with ‘ludonarrative dissonance.’ The problem seemed to be discussing whether it is an actual issue worth addressing. For those who don’t know, this ‘dissonance’ is what occurs when actions in gameplay do not ‘jive’ or fit with elements established in the game’s narrative.

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Nov 222014
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Laser Time, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Playstation, anniversary

Sega released the Saturn in Japan 20 years ago today. in Japan. Their consoles were never really big in their Japanese homeland, and Sonic was (and remains) pretty much a non-factor. It was international markets that helped keep the Master System and the Genesis (or Mega Drive outside the US) viable.

But in a complete reversal of fortune, the Saturn found some success in Japan, even beating out the Nintendo 64 (though still lagging behind the PS1 after Final Fantasy VII blew up sales). In the rest of the world, however, the Saturn was a huge failure, planting the seed that would ultimately result in Sega getting out of the console business shortly after releasing the Dreamcast.

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Nov 152014
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laser time, Japan, weeabo, otaku, Japanopihle, moe aesthetic, Japan, anime

In this world, there are countless people who love to watch anime and other shows that come from Japan. These are normal people who range from those who watched Dragonball or Sailor Moon growing up to those who like to watch Attack on Titan or Naruto today.  And then there are Weeaboos/Otaku/Japanophiles.  I can safely say that I fall into the second category.  I fell in love with anime watching Inuyasha, and through my fandom I have learned some lessons through the process of being a wholly unpleasant nerd.  So for those who love anime and don’t want to drive people away, here are some life lessons I would like to impart.

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Nov 122014
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Laser Time, licensed games, Sheep Raider, Toy Story 2, Scooby Doo Mystery,  Jurassic Park: Operation Genisis, Maui Mallard

Hi, I’m João Pontes (call me Johnny) aka KeeperXIII, a nickname so old that it should be in a retirement community in Florida by now. Two years ago, thanks to unemployment, I found myself creating a blog in Portuguese and talking about old games that I loved. Turns out that a surprising number of those games were not only based on licenses but also pretty damn good. But why doesn’t history remember them?

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Nov 122014
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fighting games, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Summer Jam, Laser Time

It seems that once again, the fighting game community has shown its true colours: a culture full of poisonous personalities and abrasive actions that scare most, if not all new comers. Full of elitism and aggression, the FGC showed why it’s so hard to get into fighting games recently. For guys like me who love fighting games and the FGC, that’s a huge bummer.

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