Monday Night Movie – Jackie Chan’s First Strike

We’re watching Jackie Chan’s breakout US movie LIVE tonight for the first Monday Night Movie of 2017 with Jackie Chan’s First Strike! Join us at 6PM PST as commentate over the movie formerly known as Police Story 4!

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Soul Edge Live Stream – Let’s Do This!

We all need to shine on, to see! And you need to watch us play Soul Edge LIVE on Twitch in honor of it’s 20th anniversary. Join the gang and a special fighting game-friendly guest at 3PM PST!

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Col*Aid*Corp – Episode IV

(Prologue | Episode I | Episode II | Episode III <) The first thing you need to understand about what we do is that space is huge! Like super duper holy moly BIG! In fact, it’s a little too big. That’s… Read more

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The Krampus: A Retrospective

You’ve heard the name, you might have seen the movie, but who exactly is Krampus? And where does the story come from? Let’s find out.

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BEST OF: Laser Time’s top episodes of 2016

What were the top 2016 episodes of the podcast that started it all? Read on as we count down the top five episodes of the internet’s fourth-leading pop-culture podcast, Laser Time!

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A Very Metal Christmas: 16 Songs for Rockin’ Out

So you like the holidays, but aren’t a fan of Christmas music because it just isn’t metal enough. Do you wish the Twelve Days of Christmas was actually turned up to 11? Disappointed that Jingle Bell Rock isn’t really a… Read more

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