Ranking Every Rocky Opponent From Worst To Best

With the original underdog boxing story approaching its 40th anniversary and the seventh film in the series hitting theaters, we’re rocking every major opponent for Rocky Balboa throughout his (mostly) knockout franchise.

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6 Woes of Warcraft

Legendary Pictures and Universal recently unveiled the trailer for Duncan Jones’ live-action Warcraft flick. According to the ever-so-exciting official website, the story involves “the realm of Azeroth stand[ing] on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race… Read more

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7 Bizarre Soundtracks Inspired by Books

We live in a world filled with countless soundtracks — soundtracks based on movies, TV shows, video games, and Broadway musicals. But soundtracks based on books? Those things with words written on paper? Well, those musical adaptations are rare indeed…. Read more

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Why Do Video Game Movies Suck So Much?

I’m not a game creator or a movie director, but I do think that both of those mediums require an immense amount of effort and money, no matter how good or bad they end up. And it usually takes a… Read more

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10 Ways Xbox 360 Changed Gaming Forever

The 360 launched a decade ago, and some of its biggest advancements tend to be overlooked by gamers. With the gift of hindsight, it was much more revolutionary that it seems on the surface…

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The Most American Pieces of Media (Not Made in the US)

There are plenty of American-made movies, video games, and comics that celebrate the country for what it is, by romanticizing our past, diving into military fantasies, or putting a new spin on our culture. Over the years, the influence has… Read more

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The 10 best Xbox 360 exclusive games

November 22, 2015 marks Xbox 360’s tenth anniversary. In that time we’ve saved countless worlds from destruction, solved numerous mysteries and mashed RT to push many an alien through space station windows. And while most of these moments were platform… Read more

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The 4 Greatest Gaming Turkeys

“It’s turkey time. Gobble, gobble.” It’s a phrase used by turkeys and Jennifer Lopez alike. Fortunately, only the former has been featured in video games over the past few decades. From tasty power-ups to crafty enemies, these are the poultry’s… Read more

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7 Mario Sports Games With Secret Innovations

Sure, Smash Bros. and Mario Kart are great, but Mario’s various sports outings have introduced many important changes to the plumber’s extended universe. Like these seven additions!

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