Apr 252015
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Kazuo Koike, Mad Bull 34, Lone Wolf and Cub, Crying Freeman, Wounded Man, Laser Time

After consuming a certain amount of media and pop culture, you start craving more — something you haven’t seen before, something unlike everything else. You want to see something that makes you say, “Wow, I didn’t expect that!” with every turn of the page. There is one man, the creator some of the most ridiculous, bat-shit insane manga ever, who never ceases to blow my mind.  I am speaking of Kazuo Koike, the master of pulpy, trashy story telling.

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Apr 242015
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Laser Time, pros, cons, extended universe, best, worst, star wars, Marvel, DC, warhammer, warhemmer 40K, lord of the rings

A fictional universe is a sacred thing to many. Whether it’s Marvel, DC, Warhammer, Harry Potter, Dancing with the Stars, or Star Trek, a universe is often held dearer to a fan’s heart than the story itself. Some exist only for a single story, but the larger — or extended — ones are strong enough to support many a tale. But those tales don’t always spawn from the same author, and that’s where things get interesting…

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