Anime Streaming Showcase: Trigun

Summer of A.S.S. rolls right along with the gun-slinging adventures of Vash the Stampede. Trigun has certainly earned its legacy, but can that legacy transfer to newcomers, or is it a fading relic soon to be forgotten?

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Rideback

An anime about riding an Android-Robot-Motorcycle hybrid that fights military organizations? Yuuuup, that’s anime alright…
Summer of A.S.S. continues with Rideback.

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Shin Godzilla – Monday Night Movie 8/7

For our first August Monday Night Movie, we’re watching the King of the Monsters with our resident King of King of the Monsters fandom! Join us at our special start time of 630PM PST as we commentate LIVE over Shin… Read more

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Movie Review: The Dark Tower!

MOVIE REVIEW! At long last, Stephen King’s magnun opus has hit the big screen! Is The Dark Tower a worthy addition to the epic tale, or have the people involved forgotten the faces of their fathers? Find out now!

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