Jul 292015
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Thanks to our generous Patreon supporters, we play Nintendo games for you every week! This time, it’s Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 and the original Warioware, Inc. – Mega Microgames to celebrate the respective anniversaries of Waluigi and the Virtual Boy! It’s all live at 3PM Pacific Time on Twitch!

[UPDATE: Steams complete, YouTube archive’s embedded belwo for your viewing pleasure.]

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Jul 282015
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[UPDATE: YouTube archive embedded below!]

We’re all about indies today, as we highlight a pair of charming recent releases. Whether it’s cute cartoony platforming with Tembo the Badass Elephant or humor-tinged adventuring in King’s Quest, you’re sure to find some fun with Chris, Hank, and Dave today LIVE on Twitch at 3PM Pacific Time. After those, prepare yourself for a secret main event!

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Jul 272015
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As an 80s kid, my favorite memories are justifying my Turbographix 16 to the Super Nintendo kids (I was definitely wrong) and collecting Micro Machines. From the officially licensed Predator, Jurassic Park, and Star Trek lines, to the standard car and military vehicles, I loved them all. So where did they go?

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Jul 212015
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Laser Time, baseball, season, rules, how to play, guide, major league, bull durham, moneyball, ken burns

Put a rally cap on your head, a catcher’s mitt in your hand, and a mouthful of dip in your mouth* — baseball season is hot! Before you decide to skip this article because it has nothing to do with the pop culture-related offerings Laser Time provides, know that this guide is probably as effective as learning how to dance through Goofy animated shorts.

*Laser Time does not condone the use of chewing tobacco. That shit’s gross.

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