Anime Streaming Showcase: Your Lie in April

♫♪ The web is alive with the sound of music….and teenage angst!♪♫
Music, that’s the subject of the latest episode of Anime Streaming Showcase where I take at look at 2015’s Your Lie in April. A hit a couple of years ago, does this series hit all the right notes, or simply get booed off the stage?

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Prey 2017 Reboot: The 5 Best Moments We Played

Laser Time was recently given the chance to demo Prey’s upcoming reboot, and we’ve picked out the five coolest things we experienced in the otherworldly action-shooter RPG from Arkane.

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The Best New Amazon Releases: Arrival of For Honor

The year’s biggest new fighting franchise and an intergalactic best-picture Oscar nominee top this week’s big Amazon releases. Use any Laser Time link and buy anything on Amazon to help your LT pals out!

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7 Amazing Super Bowl Commercial Crossovers

Nothing brings competing characters together like marketing money! And of course, that can only escalate when we’re talking about America’s #1 annual TV show: The Super Bowl. Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready?

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The 30 Best Royal Rumble Match Moments Ever!

With the WWE approaching the 30th iteration of the excitement-filled Royal Rumble, we’ve scoured every single previous instance of the timed battle royal to pick out the 30 best eliminations, surprises, and other assorted insanity!

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