Monday Night Movie – Hot Fuzz!

If you’ve got a gun, shoot it in the air and scream, because we’re watching and commentating over Pegg, Frost, and Wright’s ode to buddy cop movies with Hot Fuzz! Find out the details of our second Cornetto trilogy Monday… Read more

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The 10 Best Ever Car Chases in Movies

Since neanderthals were airbrushing Camaros on cave walls, man has struggled to answer the question, “Which car chases are the sick-nastiest?” In the Laser Time mode, we’ve assembled a list with some stone cold classics and a few personal wildcards…. Read more

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Watch Laser Time’s Live Stream Highlight Reel!

Intrepid LT contributor Robert Beach culled through our March YouTube video archive, pulling the best Switch launch outrage, inappropriate Quiplash jokes, and a bonus video featuring a vape attack!

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Anime Streaming Showcase: G Gundam

I am reaching far into the A.S.S. vault with this episode, the furthest I’ve reached yet, to discuss the greatest, most over-the-top Gundam series ever: Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

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Monday Night Movie: April 2017 Schedule!

We ain’t foolin, there’s some great Monday Night Movies on tap for April. Check out the dates and movies we’ll be doing LIVE commentary for this month!

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Anime Streaming Showcase: Assassination Classroom

School sucks! Just know it could worse, as in you’re part of the worst class in school and are then tasked with killing your new teacher who just said he would destroy the planet in one year!

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