The Disastrous Launch of the X-Men Animated Series

When it comes to animated series from the 90s, it doesn’t get much more memorable than the X-Men, but the launch of the series was anything but successful. Let’s look back and see exactly what happened 25 years ago.

By George Weakley | 4

Super Mario Land 2: The 10 Weirdest Things (Besides Wario)

Yes, Super Mario Land 2’s 25th birthday means Wario is a quarter-century old this year, but Mario’s doppelganger isn’t the only weird part! Here’s 10 more things that differentiate 6 Golden Coins from other Mario fare.

By roundthewheel | 2

Mortal Kombat 4’s insane endings, ranked!

Mortal Kombat 4 released 20 years ago this month and brought a bunch of innovations to the series, including CRAZY CGI ENDINGS! John Herrington ranks them all in this countdown!

By John Herrington | 4

Anime Streaming Showcase: Elfen lied

Elfen Lied is certainly a divisive series full of blood, naked ladies, and that good ol’ anime charm.
But is it worth being in your queue?

By zabu_san | 0