SHAAAAAARKS! – Laser Time #342

Kicking off Laser Time’s Week of Shark with a look at not only Jaws and some of the least inferior movies it inspired, but also a deep dive into some misconceptions and myths about our viscous, doll-eyed friends of the… Read more

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Don’t Smoke! – Laser Time #341

You don’t need to be all that old to remember a time when the world was a lot more friendly to tobacco, smokers, and their related advertising. But the backlash was fairly swift, so folks our age got to live… Read more

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Mission Impossible Explained! – Laser Time #340

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Mission Impossible but were afraid to ask! We’ve watched the TV series and every single Tom Cruise movie to sing a little praise for one of the most underrated, and longest lasting, blockbuster… Read more

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When Actors Play Themselves – Laser Time #339

Dave and Diana join Laser Time for a little listening featuring our favorite moments when celebs perform as their all-time favorite characters: Themselves! Obviously, this can’t be a thorough list, so it’s up to you to let us know what… Read more

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The Quizdown – Episode 0

You know Laser Time loves trivia. Laser Time loves games. Laser Time loves, uh… shows! So we thought it was high time Laser Time has its own damn TRIVIA GAME SHOW. If you agree, help us make it happen with… Read more

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Game Show Scandals – Laser Time #338

As long as there have been games, there have been cheaters. Why should that change just because the venue gets televised?! Game Shows are not immune to hacks, cheats and whatever the television viewer equivalent is to card counting, as… Read more

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How to Collect Arcade Games – Laser Time#337

So you want to fill your basement and/or garage with the bleeps and bloops of classic arcade games and pinball machines? Slow down, my dear! On today’s show, we’re joined by an actual arcade proprietor/arcade preservationists, to talk about the… Read more

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When Animals Attack! – Laser Time #336

With Jurassic Park and The Meg getting unleashed into theaters, we’re taking an unflinching look at our favorite movies Human vs Nature films. Because who doesn’t love it when a friendly forest creature or pet turns the tables on the… Read more

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The Toys That Maimed Us! – Laser Time #333

Whereas most toys bring about delight and cherished memories, this episode focuses specifically on the toys that brought pain, injury and even death. Fight back the tears and let us know the toy that most maimed you!

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Moral Panics! – Laser Time #331

Won’t somebody please think of the children! Righteous crusades come and go, but with the truly blessed gift of hindsight, looking back at moral panics aimed at popular culture is undeniably hilarious. Back when the world didn’t seem to have… Read more

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Laser Time – 10

Through various shows and numerous companies, this week marks the 10th anniversary of the Laser Time gang recording together. Join the original gang as we look back on our favorite moments, talk about how the medium of podcast has grown,… Read more

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Fired Directors – Laser Time #329

When Lucasfilm yanked Lego Movie directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and installed the far more traditional Ron Howard at the helm of Solo: A Star Wars Stories, many fans were shocked. And rightly so! Removing a director in the… Read more

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Ground Zero Shows – Laser Time #327

You gotta start somewhere! And even cult shows with small fanbases can end up defining the next wave of comedy and animation. In this episode of Laser Time, we’ve come up with a selection of fantastic programs whose influence, quality… Read more

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Kids In Peril – Laser Time #326

Whatever happened to that time honored cinematic tradition of putting unaccompanied minors in mortally dangerous situations?! Other than Stranger Things, not a whole lot. But the 1980s were riddled with the Kid in Peril thing, so join Laser Time as… Read more

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