Famous Farts – Laser Time

We expel all of our flatulence knowledge, recalling the history of farts in pop culture, our favorite toot scenes, and our personal stories of cutting the cheese. FART SOUNDS AHOY!

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Laser Time – Awful Celeb & Cartoon Raps

DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK! Brett Elston and Mike Grimm join us as we mine our listeners’ most awful rap finds, ranging from awful cartoon themes and bad celebrity vanity raps to professionals who really should have known better. This… Read more

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Laser Time – The Worst Song Covers!

Why make a new song when there’s decades of tunes to shamelessly ape? We run through the history of covers and a few redone tunes that outshone originals before diving into the dregs of poorly-covered crap!

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Laser Time – Twin Competing Movies

Call it common thought, stolen scripts, or something else entirely, but it’s always weird when two studios put out very similar movies in the same timeframe. We dig into the biggest clashes of twin movies and declare winners!

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Laser Time – Ad Wars!

When companies fight, we win. We look at the pettiest (and best) ad wars, whether it be for fast food, soda, cell phones, or video games!

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Laser Time – Worst Raps Ever!

We’re Laser Time and we’re here to say, we love awful raps in a major way. WE SAID A MAJOR WAY! From stupid celebrity raps to sad ads, we’re clowning on bad rhymes with plenty of clips, yo!

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Laser Time – Vacations From Hell!

From missed flights and overseas injuries to dire tales of getting lost in foreign lands, we’re recounting our own (and some of your) vacation nightmares come true!

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Laser Time – Oscar Time 2017

As per annual tradition, we’ve watched all the 2017 Academy Award nominees for Best Picture so you don’t have to! Get ready for a thorough breakdown of all nine cinematic contenders and some silly, stupid comedy sketches in between

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Laser Time – Your Most Hated Songs!

We’ve culled through tons of comments to find the most ear-achingly hate-inducing music ever! From crappy pop to awful covers and crummy country tunes, we’re playing your most hated songs!

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