Moral Panics! – Laser Time #331

Won’t somebody please think of the children! Righteous crusades come and go, but with the truly blessed gift of hindsight, looking back at moral panics aimed at popular culture is undeniably hilarious. Back when the world didn’t seem to have… Read more

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Laser Time – 10

Through various shows and numerous companies, this week marks the 10th anniversary of the Laser Time gang recording together. Join the original gang as we look back on our favorite moments, talk about how the medium of podcast has grown,… Read more

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Fired Directors – Laser Time #329

When Lucasfilm yanked Lego Movie directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and installed the far more traditional Ron Howard at the helm of Solo: A Star Wars Stories, many fans were shocked. And rightly so! Removing a director in the… Read more

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Ground Zero Shows – Laser Time #327

You gotta start somewhere! And even cult shows with small fanbases can end up defining the next wave of comedy and animation. In this episode of Laser Time, we’ve come up with a selection of fantastic programs whose influence, quality… Read more

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Kids In Peril – Laser Time #326

Whatever happened to that time honored cinematic tradition of putting unaccompanied minors in mortally dangerous situations?! Other than Stranger Things, not a whole lot. But the 1980s were riddled with the Kid in Peril thing, so join Laser Time as… Read more

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The Best of Norm Macdonald – Laser Time #325

We’re taking a break from our traditional format and celebrating one man for an entire episode! Oh yes, it’s a Laser Time listening party, and it’s devoted 100% to the weird and wonderful work of Norm Macdonald. From his turbulent… Read more

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Pour One Out – Laser Time #323

With the recent shuttering of Toys R Us, the Laser Time gang is taking a nostalgic look at that and several other childhood mainstays that no longer exist, as well as the reasons why. And please, let us know in… Read more

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Oscar Time 2018 – Laser Time

We’ve seen all of this year’s Best Picture nominees so you don’t have to. Buckle in for an in-depth discussion on NINE best movie of the year candidates, each with accompanying sketchery, as is tradtion. BEWARE: Light spoilers (but mostly… Read more

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The Worst Oscar Winners Ever – Laser Time

The Academy Awards are almost here, so we’re taking a look at the definitive worst Oscar recipients of all-time. Yes, we all have our personal Best Picture punching bags, but we’ve unearthed a batch of cinematic stinkers that provably suck… Read more

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Laser Time – Bob vs Colin

In a wild deviation from a typical episode, our topic this week is a personal internet feud! Yes it’s Bob vs Colin, and hopefully, it’s The Complete Saga. We’ll try and explain it best we can, but basically our Talking… Read more