Laser Time #300 – Loggia Time

To celebrate Laser Time’s 300th episode, LT hosts past and present discuss Robert Loggia’s greatest roles from movies, TV, and orange juice advertising. DOWNLOAD

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Weird Horror Sequels – Laser Time

When you’ve gotta make a new sequel every year, you tend to get some strange shifts in popular horror franchises. Listen on to learn about a Halloween without Michael Myers, a Nightmare on Elm Street where the movies exist, Jason…… Read more

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TV Pilots That Changed Drastically – Laser Time

Whether it’s recast actors, different characters, or completely changed styles, we’re picking out the pilots that look downright weird when compared to the TV franchises we know and love! DOWNLOAD

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The Highs & Lows of Game Development – Laser Time

From the despair of developing a licensed flop to the glory of indie success, we chat with Julian Spillane about his unique path from X-Men Destiny and Silicon Knights’ fall to Use Your Words’ innovative fun! 

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The Most Controversial Banned Songs Ever – Laser Time

Promoting violence, talk of satan, even promoting S-E-X… the reasons these songs were banned run the gamut, but you can listen to the stories behind the most controversial songs here, as long as you don’t tell your parents!

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Dead Theme Park Rides – Laser Time

What ever became of your favorite Universal and Disney attractions? We explore the history of decommissioned rides, covering why they left, and what replaced them!

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Apes in Movies and TV – Laser Time

With the War for the Planet of the Apes finally waging, we dive deep into some of the most memorable monkeys, simians, orangutans, and other banana-loving creatures that have been in popular movies and TV shows!

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The Best Sketch Comedy Skits Ever – Laser Time

Our quartet of sketch comedy-obsessed nerds pick their favorite skits from the most influential skit-based shows, and we vote on the BEST SKITS EVER! You’ll definitely want to dip your balls in this episode!

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The Best of 2017 (So Far) – Laser Time

With the first half of 2017 in the history books, we’re calling out our favorite movies, shows, comics, and other pop-culture consumables from the half-year. Join Chris, Dave, Diana, and Hank as they call out the content you need to… Read more

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How The Simpsons Changed The World – Laser Time

With the recent launch of the Talking Simpsons Patreon, we dive deep into the programming that paved the way for Our Favorite Familybefore chronicling the many ways The Simpsons has impacted pop culture and the world at large.

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