Turok Turns Twenty – 90 minutes of N64 tunes

It’s a new VGMpire! And whyyyyy, of all games on Earth, are we doing a Turok episode? Because the 1997 original is about to turn 20 years old… and because there’s plenty of great music to discover. Grab the episode… Read more

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Best of 2016: VGMpire’s top shows

Though we posted fewer VGMpires this year than any other since its first full year of existence (that’d be 2012), there were still several top-notch episodes in 2016. Which of these fine shows pulled in the most listeners? Let’s take… Read more

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VGMpire 106 – Ninja Warriors

Incredible synth jams from two overlooked katana-em-ups. There may only be two games to discuss, but holy crap get ready for sincere 80s awesomeness. Check out the full episode over on VGMpire!

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VGMpire 105 – Spyro Sampler

Hop on over to VGMpire’s main site for a link to the show… but first let’s look at a couple of sample tracks from Spyro 1 through 3!

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LaserTime, VGMpire and me – and you!

While my instinct is to write some amusing joke that eventually meanders into a thoughtful post about joining LaserTime in an “official” capacity, I’ll instead cut straight to the sincere plight. Working on goofy shit with the LT crew has… Read more

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VGMpire 100 is live, Rocktober 2015 imminent

For those of you who don’t frequent the VGMpire site, we recently celebrated its 100th episode with a grab bag of folks’ favorite game tunes. With great jams and guests aplenty, it’s well worth a listen! Check it out here

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