Nov 212014
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Everyone loves “what-if” scenarios, and games are a great way to explore them, particularly when it comes to alternate views of world history. What if, for example, two warring, medieval secret societies had survived to spread their influence across the world? What if World War II had been fought by anime teenagers? These and other questions are answered by the games in this week’s Top 5, followed by some talk about Grand Theft Auto V (again), Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and WWE 2k15, and a look at the franchises you got sick of first.

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Nov 132014
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The holiday game-release season is in full swing this week, with headliners that include two Assassin’s Creed games – one of which inspired a Top 5 about our favorite interquels. After that, it’s on to a discussion of AC Unity and Rogue (as well as Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Valkyria Chronicles), before moving on to Overwatch, Just Cause 3, and the best lies you’ve ever been told about games.

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Nov 062014
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Another year brings another Call of Duty, along with another round of jaded gamers rolling their eyes at the silly rah-rah army hero baby game. As anyone who’s played through its slickly realized campaigns can attest, however, there’s more to CoD’s stories than big guns and simplistic pro-war attitudes. There’ve even been a few times when the series has been downright subversive, and these are the fodder for this week’s Top 5. Then it’s on to some talk about multiplayer shark-shooter Depth, the Evolve alpha, and your favorite games for playing as a villain.

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Oct 302014
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It’s Halloween! Well, Halloweek, at least. After a few weeks of spooky Top 5 topics, we dug deep into gaming’s roots for five seriously old-school horror games. Atari 2600 old-school. Terrifying. With that out of the way, it’s on to business as usual with Sunset Overdrive, Lords of the Fallen, the return of X-Wing and TIE Fighter, and your favorite in-game haunted houses.

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Oct 232014
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It’s still October, which means another quasi-spooky episode (spoopisode?), this time about our favorite creepy, horror-infested houses.  Then the conversation moves on to this week’s monstrous crop of new releases (including Fantasia: Music Evolved, Bayonetta 2, and Screencheat) and a look at the game characters you’ve dressed up as for Halloween.

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Oct 162014
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Continuing with this month’s horror theme, our Top 5 this week focuses on the oft-maligned practice of shoehorning zombies into games that didn’t have them initially — often with spectacular results. Then there’s some fevered discussion of The Evil Within and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a brief dusting of New York Comic-Con news, and a look at how well you’d do — realistically speaking — in a zombie apocalypse.

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Oct 092014
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Alien: Isolation’s deviously malicious xenomorph has been getting a lot of (mixed) praise lately, but it’s hardly the first randomized creeper to have chased us through a game. This week, we celebrate five of our favorite relentless, indestructible pursuers, then switch gears to talk about Isolation and Shadow of Mordor before moving on to the fictional universes you’d love to see through the eyes of a new or minor character.
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Oct 022014
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With Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor out this week and Alien: Isolation about to follow, Mikel resumes hosting duties to talk about five other movie-related games starring relative nobodies. Then there’s some talk about Super Smash Bros., Tyler’s identity gets “borrowed,” and a look into what you really want from next-gen.
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Sep 042014
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Thanks to Saints Row IV’s just-revealed Gat Out of Hell DLC, we’ve got Lucifer’s infernal realm on the brain. so we’ve devoted this week’s Top 5 to some of the stranger ways everyone’s favorite Lake of Fire has been realized in games. Then there’s some talk about Sims 4, PAX announcements, recent… unpleasantness on the Internet, and your scariest experiences with horror games.

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Aug 282014
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The Every Simpsons Ever Marathon has an iron grip on our souls this week, so no, we actually couldn’t think of a better topic for this week’s Top 5 than our favorite Simpsons games. Once that’s out of our system, we move on to Metro Redux, an almost completely uninformed discussion of Madden 15, a lot of ranting about PSN hackers, and the games that – for you – will end the relative drought of new releases we’ve been seeing this summer.

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