Zelda II 30th birthday stream – Part Three

On to the fourth and fifth palaces! Things are gonna get reallll annoying so be prepared for lots of aggravating situations and downright mean enemy placement. Oh and obtuse secrets!

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Super Mario Sunshine – Let’s Do This!

Hot on the heels on the Nintendo Switch announcement and the reveal of Super Mario Odyssey, we wanted to go back and revisit that other open-world 3D Mario game. Dust off those FLUDD packs, it’s time to revisit the GameCube’s Super… Read more

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Nintendo Switch: T Time Episode 16

Is the Nintendo Switch the “next big thing?” Well, now that I’ve seen it in action and gotten some hands-on time, I have a few thoughts. Get ready for a full serving of member berries.

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RE4 PS4 – Get caught up with our Big Bass Run

While we (aka *I*) haven’t updated y’all on Laser Time proper, we have indeed been posting new episodes of our full RE4 PS4 playthrough over on the YouTube page. There’s no “bit” to it other than the fact I’m trying… Read more

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The Worst Christmas Game Ever?

What’s the worst way to spend Christmas? We think we’ve found the it! Game Boy Advance’s Santa Claus Saves the Earth… have mercy…

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Batman Returns – Good Movie, Great SNES game

In addition to being the only decent pre-Nolan Bat film, Batman Returns is a damn fine Christmas movie. More than that, the Super Nintendo Final Fight clone makes for an even better Christmas game!

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Game of the Year: T Time Episode 14

It’s the last episode of 2016, which means I’m legally obligated to make this a best-of awards show. So sit back and enjoy 10 picks that you totally won’t have any problem with, I guarantee it.

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RE4 PS4 – Hedge Maze Havoc

Yet another “Oh I remember that part!” of RE4 – the monster-dog-filled Hedge Maze! We tear ass through that and meet up with RE2 co-star Ada Wong, setting up future plot points for this and subsequent RE games. If by… Read more

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Join us at 4PM Pacific for instant, immediate, and spoiler-filled account of Star Wars: Rogue One, as the LT Gang emerges fresh with Day One reactions. As always, we encourage you to chime in with your thoughts live with us…. Read more

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