It’s over! After seven months and 18 videos we’ve finally blown up the bad guys and jet ski’d our way to freedom. Tune in for the conclusion or watch the full playlist!

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Yooka-Laylee – Let’s Do This!

REJOICE, N64 FANS! After two decades, the 3D platforming collectathon formula Rare ran into the ground makes its triumphant return to consoles. Join us for this nostalgic moment brought back to life by 74,000 Kickstarter backers. Today at 3PM Pacific… Read more

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Banjo Tooie: T Time Episode 22

With Yooka Laylee releasing almost the same day as this episode, I took the opportunity to rave about the game that inspired it, my favorite game of all time, Banjo Tooie. But don’t worry — I’m not trying to sway… Read more

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Monday Night Movie – GI Joe 1987

Buckle the hell friggin’ up because the wack af GI Joe movie is tonight’s feature presentation. I can’t promise Transformers-level greatness but if you’ve never seen this before, you WILL be entertained.

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Resident Evil 4 PS4 Part 17 – BOW KIA

Leon battles a jawless baddie twice – once in a dangling platform and again in a tunnel – before putting Krauser down for the count. We’re nearly to the end!

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Shit Slate: Flintstones Surprise at Dinosaur Peak

Remember when we completed the Flintstones NES game? Heh, that was fun. Glad to have a full playthrough archived on YouTube. Oh, what’s that? There were TWO Flintstones games for the NES? Well then, *adjusts snake posing as a tie*… Read more

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Serpentine Streamin’ with Snake Pass

Yes, we know Persona 5 is out today, but unless you want to watch us read dialog for two hours it ain’t gonna make for a great launch day stream. So instead, we’re gonna try out the Switch version of… Read more

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Racer TIme: SMB3 Brett vs Chris tiebreaker!

After Brett’s HEROIC comeback in worlds six, seven and eight, the very first Racer Time must be settled with today’s tiebreaker challenge – running through all of Mario 3 again.

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Resident Evil 4 PS4 – Krausers and Lasers

Ah, our old partner returns! We tangle with the knife-wielding Krauser and then backflip through some lasers before heading into the final stretch of Resident Evil 4. It’s been a couple of months since the last episode, but don’t despair… Read more

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Fantasy (Baseball) Fight – Opening (a Can of Whoop-Ass) Day!

As a new Major League Baseball season arrives, we’re turning America’s pastime into America’s kick-ass time! Watch as Hall of Famers, mascots, and famous fictional baseball-themed fighters do battle in the biggest bench-clearing brawl ever!

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Breath of the Wild – 80 Map References Explained

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Breath of the Wild’s version of Hyrule, you’ve no doubt noticed numerous location-based references to past Zelda games. Mountains, rivers, huts and more all bear referential names that conjure memories of nearly… Read more

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