Prey 2006 – Let’s Do This!

Don’t fear the reaper! With a new Prey coming soon, we’re checking out the iconic 2006 incarnation of Prey. Does the original still hold up ten-and-a-half years later? Find out LIVE with Laser Time, 3PM PST on Twitch!

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Prey 2017 Reboot: The 5 Best Moments We Played

Laser Time was recently given the chance to demo Prey’s upcoming reboot, and we’ve picked out the five coolest things we experienced in the otherworldly action-shooter RPG from Arkane.

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For Honor – Let’s Do This!

Hot off the heels of the highly combat-focused Nioh comes another stab at violent glory, For Honor! Come watch us get our asses kicked today at 3PM Pacific (6PM Eastern)

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Makin’ Love: T Time Episode 18

It’s just about Valentine’s Day, which means this episode of T Time pretty much has to be all hot and steamy. So how does video game love find its place in video game combat? Tune in to find out!

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Wayne’s World – Watch Us Play This Shit!

It is NOT party time, nor is it excellent, but it is hilariously bad! To celebrate the classic SNL film’s 25th anniversary, watch us play Wayne’s World and suffer through this movie adaptation’s awful graphics and platforming!

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Laser Time plays Nioh!

Our buddy Greg walked us through the beta a while back, but now it’s time for the Laser Time gang to take spit-shined look at Tecmo Koei’s stab at Samurai Dark Souls, Nioh!

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Monday Race – SMB3 World 4

Can you believe the BULLSHIT of World 3? That goddamn fish ate swallowed me whole like 50 friggin’ times and let’s not forget the, uh, other things that were not my fault and led to Chris taking an early lead… Read more

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Double Dragon IV – Let’s Do This!

Long lost for several decades, the fourth iteration of Billy and Jimmy’s city-wide beat ’em up has miraculously emerged on PS4 and Steam. Years in the making, it’s finally time to play Double Dragon IV, people!

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The Chainsaw Theory: T Time Episode 17

I like video games, I like chainsaws, and I like video games that feature chainsaws. I’m gonna talk about that for a while, if it’s cool with you.

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