Double Dragon IV – Let’s Do This!

Long lost for several decades, the fourth iteration of Billy and Jimmy’s city-wide beat ’em up has miraculously emerged on PS4 and Steam. Years in the making, it’s finally time to play Double Dragon IV, people!

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The Chainsaw Theory: T Time Episode 17

I like video games, I like chainsaws, and I like video games that feature chainsaws. I’m gonna talk about that for a while, if it’s cool with you.

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Resident Evil VII – Let’s Do This!

One of the pioneers of the survival horror genre returns with a bold new entry! Be there when Brett, Chris and Dave take it got a whirl on PS4. Today at 3PM Pacific / 6PM Eastenr

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Every Royal Rumble Winner Ever! – Fantasy Fight

Our 30-Man Royal Rumble is a never-ending parade of WWE Superstars! Join us as we celebrate the Royal Rumble’s 30th anniversary and every single rumble winner returns to the ring. Yes, occasionally from the grave…

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Zelda II 30th birthday stream – Part Three

On to the fourth and fifth palaces! Things are gonna get reallll annoying so be prepared for lots of aggravating situations and downright mean enemy placement. Oh and obtuse secrets!

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Super Mario Sunshine – Let’s Do This!

Hot on┬áthe heels on the Nintendo Switch announcement and the reveal of Super Mario Odyssey, we wanted to go back and revisit that other open-world 3D Mario game. Dust off those FLUDD packs, it’s time to revisit the GameCube’s Super… Read more

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Nintendo Switch: T Time Episode 16

Is the Nintendo Switch the “next big thing?” Well, now that I’ve seen it in action and gotten some hands-on time, I have a few thoughts. Get ready for a full serving of member berries.

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RE4 PS4 – Get caught up with our Big Bass Run

While we (aka *I*) haven’t updated y’all on Laser Time proper, we have indeed been posting new episodes of our full RE4 PS4 playthrough over on the YouTube page. There’s no “bit” to it other than the fact I’m trying… Read more

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