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Setting up Laser Time wasn’t cheap, sweeties. We’re not trying to get rich (for now…) but it’d help us something fierce if you could donate even a small chuck of change to offset the cost of the equipment, web hosting, etc. We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t need it.

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  1. so ive donated $10 what that has bought me !

  2. Your goddamn sad-save-this-starving-child style begging for munnies made me cry.

  3. Doing what I can, guys. Is there a proper Amazon search bar hiding somewhere, or is that promo box on the left all you’ve got? I’d love to kick some of my Amazon monies back at you! Hook a brother up! You could be stealing the food right out of Dan Carlin’s mouth…

    • You don’t have to buy what’s advertised on the sidebar, you just have to make your purchase in the same tab that’s opened when you click on the sidebar.


  4. I’m a huge fan of you guys. I will donate $5 – $10 if you talk about Disneyland in an episode.

  5. I will donate 100$ as soon as I get my paycheck.

  6. A friend from work recommended your podcast and I have to say I’m a big fan. You guys totally take me back with your shared stories and memories. I hadn’t heard the Bionic 6 theme song in ages but the kid in me remembered. Wow. I thoroughly enjoy Listening to you all and am so glad I found the podcast. For what it’s worth, I really liked the dinosaur episode. Jurassic Park, for me, was one of the best movie experiences to date. That first look was so great. I tossed 5 bucks your way, and even though it is now costing a dick load to give us the podcast faster than before, at least you are putting quality first. I appreciate that a lot. Not many do. Keep up the nice work. Fav cartoons back in the day were Voltron and Silverhawks. Lord knows how bad they are through older eyes :).

  7. I will also donate as soon as I can and when I get a credit card I will buy something off Amazon through one of your links.

    LT makes me all kinds of nostalgic and I appreciate it, so much so that you’ll never really know. :)

  8. I have two $25 gift cards that I will donate. Can I still give the improv Idea?

  9. Do you guys still do the 50$ donation where I can make an improve?

  10. Do you guys still the improv thing for a 50$ donation?

  11. Just donated $15, wish I could do more you guys produce the most entertaining content on the internet. My wife and I are huge fans of the podcasts and hope the site brings you as much as joy as it gives to us.

  12. Donated! Love you guys! You got me through the years of hell, er, college. Keep it up!

  13. You’re lucky that keychain thing popped up. You can thank Mr. Dandy for your shiny, new 15 dollars.

  14. 20 English Pounds for the great work you lads and lasses do on the Laser Time Network

  15. There’s a special Christmas present coming your way in a few weeks!

  16. So, I had some B-day spending money so I bought a couple things through Laser Time’s Amazon link and donated the remaining money directly through the donate link. I feel good supporting my favorite podcast. I just wish I was able to donate more. Here’s hoping it is enough to keep the site and podcasts going.

  17. I donated what I could in my present financial situation. You guys rock.

  18. I don’t know why, but I’ve tried to donate twice and it seems paypal just won’t accept my credit card. Oh well, I’ve been purchasing through your amazon portal so I hope that at least helps.

  19. Needs more Dave guys.

  20. I’ve got no Paypal sadly, but would like to contribute to your site by suggesting content!

    How about a list of Movies that would make great Light Gun arcades? #?: The Mummy (entire Movie series!), #?: Deep Rising, #?: Machete, etc!


  21. LaserTime Pals,

    I’ve been wanting to throw so cash your way for a while now. We were tight on funds, kid to feed, etc., etc. Finally in a place where things have loosened up on our end, so I figured it was finally time to give a little back to you guys who have given me so much. Started reading comics weekly because of Cape Crisis; back into wrestling (at least a little) thanks to Cheap Popcast; been feeding my uncontrollable VGM addiction with VGMpire; get all my gaming news and opinions from Vidjagame Apocalypse; and reconnect with my childhood memories thanks to LaserTime.

    Cheers, mates! Keep up the totally stellar work!

  22. Has anyone else had trouble accessing the “Hate Pack”? I received the original link to Google Drive, but I’m still unable to access these sweet commentaries I’m looking forward to listening to.

  23. @zuido Me too – can’t access – googledrive says I need permission even thought i’m clicking on the link Chris sent. And no-one at LT responds to emails about it…..

  24. @ daniel still no word… kinda diminishes the thought of donating again.

  25. Jesus, fellas. I’m just one guy! I’ll get to you, it’ll just take some time.

    • Hey, what’s the best way to give you money? I have no need for the commentaries. I could buy a shirt, but I don’t need one. What I’m trying to say is, what gives you the most money?

  26. I am donating 10 bucks a month from now until the end of time. Don’t spend it all on Penny Whistles and Moonpies

  27. You guys make my life! I wish I could donate more often but I can barely afford my life most of the time. Anyway, donate this time I shall. Keep it up guys. These shows are the best, and they have only gotten better.

  28. Just donated! Been listening since early TDAR days and still can’t get enough! I love you guys! Keep it up with the amazing content!

  29. Just donated to a perfect dream-team podcast B]

    Not in it for the rewards, but hey the SHIELD commentaries were really fun so I’ll check out the new ones anyway!

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