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    John R. Shannon

    Legend: Rising Empire is a new mobile game released by NetEase Games on both the Appstore and Google Play. Although it is known as a new game, Legend: Rising Empires stands out strongly among its competitors. Therefore, the post will show 6 reasons why the game became one of the hottest role-playing games on the mobile. best site to download apk files

    1. The diversity in the plot
    There are lots of stories going on throughout the game. Legend: Rising Empire is set in the medieval kingdoms of Favilla which is a volatile land with ambitious warlords who are always eager to fight for the throne.

    2. Free to choose your own play style
    If other role-playing games require you to follow their gameplay and content, Legend: Rising Empire allows players to choose their own style and play the game as they want. Therefore, players can start capturing and destroying other kingdoms for the purpose of ruling them, in their own way. In addition, you can capture the enemy or become allies with others to maintain peace. download android apk files

    3. A lot of armies

    Start working on your plan, build an essential elite team in hand. Legend: Rising Empire will help you get that prerequisite. Types of soldiers in the game are quite diverse for you to choose as there are cavalries, infantries, archers, and detectives. The most important is that your army can be up to 200 soldiers which is an impressive number for the player to control

    4. Construction and development
    In addition, if you want to attack, capture, and reign over other kingdoms, you will need to strengthen and upgrade your kingdom by building castles, houses, bakeries, sawmills, farm, mines and so on. In Legend: Rising Empire Rising, there are over 40 different types of buildings and all are necessary for social fulfillment.

    5. Support system
    If sometimes the game makes you upset, don’t feel anxious because you will get the help of the instructor. These are the people whom you choose to come along with, during the game they will help you with the task of assisting you in building your kingdom, exploring and improving your skills and attributes as well as providing useful tips in battle. Actually, this is a factor that will help players a lot because of high usability. top apk sites

    6. Joining guilds
    Legend: Rising Empire also has an alliance system which allows the player to interact with other players around the world. As other games, setting up guilds will help protect you from invasions as well as assist in speeding up the development.

    We hope that these extremely convincing reasons will help you have good and fun experiences with Legend: Rising Empire right on your device through Google Play. So download now, build you own kingdom and claim glory! Enjoy!
    Furthermore, don’t forget to visit the official Facebook page of the game to update as well as track the development of this promising game.

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