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    Young people today are eager to get a head start in their career paths. They want to climb higher in their specific fields of work and to do so as early on as possible. However, being a ‘junior’ in the workplace tends to have its drawbacks. A lot of people, employers included, may not see you as being mature enough to handle a larger workload and to undertake greater responsibility.

    So how do you show an employer, whether that be your current employer or a future one, that you are ready, qualified and capable enough to ascend the career ladder without having years’ worth of experience behind you? Below are our career tips to help you get started, nice and early.

    Advance your Skills
    When an employer sees that you have a range of different and useful skills to offer the company, they are more likely to look favorably on you over other potential employees. Communication skills are particularly of interest for a range of job markets; valuable communication and salesperson skills obtained through entry-level roles such as call center jobs within industries like Retail and Insurance will advance your skills and establish you as a more desirable employee.

    Expand your Professional Horizons
    Knowing the right people can be a huge stepping-stone for people hoping to get ahead in their career. There are a few ways that this can be achieved such as using social media sites like LinkedIn to reach out to others involved in your field of work. Participating in various business-related activities such as charity events and social activities will give you the opportunity to meet new people, some of which may be able to offer you advice, guidance and suggestions about how to grow and proceed in your career path.

    Obtain Employer Feedback
    Seeking employer feedback on a regular basis will help you to improve your skills in the workplace. Sites such as Money Crashers advise ambitious workers such as yourself to ask your direct supervisor for some critical feedback after each completed project. You can use the criticisms and compliments returned as ways in which to enhance your performance, taking what you’ve learnt from the previous project and using this information to produce even better results next time.

    Polish your CV
    Your CV acts as a hard copy version of you, being the first impression of yourself that will come in contact with potential employees, so you have to make sure that it shines brighter than the rest. Your CV should include information such as contact details, skills, employment history, qualifications, awards and any other factors that you think are necessary when applying for certain jobs. Make sure that everything included in your CV is presented clearly and without any grammatical errors. If you don’t know how to write a resume, check or other useful resources, there are a lot of tips on web nowadays.

    Take Opportunities
    If you are currently employed and wish to climb up higher within the same company it is important that you keep your eyes peeled for any opportunities that may arise. A new job opportunity may arise at any moment, often the result of a need for a new member of staff to fill a position that has been needed for some time. If you notice the possibility for a new member of staff, propose your suggestion to your boss. According to ‘being proactive and formulating your proposal to be a problem-solution fix is a great way to move up,’ advising that you should present the idea as a ‘profit-centre and not as a cost’.

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