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    Alright then, this is a pretty short week for me when it comes to comics so not many reviews today.

    Batman #3 $2.99

    Batman is facing a new foe that has been in Gotham for hundreds of years without notice. The Court of Owls proves to be an intimidating villain because of what it means to Batman, they are an organization that has managed to hide from the world’s greatest detective despite his previous attempts to find them, this causes a blind spot for Batman as he is unwilling to admit that he could have made a mistake. The story within this issue has Bruce coming to terms with the Courts existence and working out how they have managed to remain hidden for so long, a quest that culminates in that special type of cliff-hanger that has you running a million scenarios through your head, just to figure out how Batman could possibly escape.

    The artwork in this manages to convey a lot using little. The artists seems to be trying to avoid excess where ever possible, this leads to a very distinct style where everything sticks out a little more without the clutter. I must also congratulate whoever decided to try and incorporate the owl motif into the artwork itself, as it really gives the impression that Batman is going into unfamiliar territory.

    Overall I would definitely recommend “Batman” to any fan of the character. It creates an interesting mystery to be solved, with an interesting new villain to back it all up.

    Justice League #3 $3.99

    Justice League is taking place in the early years of the DCNU and showing us how the team came together. Right from the start we knew that the villain of this story is Darkseid, a choice I have remained rather sceptical of. The problem I’ve been having is that Darkseid has always been one of the big bads of the DCU, and watching the league defeat him when they’ve barely worked together seems to undercut him as a villain. Sadly the Darkseid plot is also the weakest part of the book, with tons of battles with minions and the protagonists being barely any closer to finding out who is causing the problems the story is a little dull.

    Where this book manages to redeem itself however is the introduction of the various league members. I always enjoy it when a new superhuman shows up and the team has to try and integrate their found ally into their ranks. I always get a chuckle hearing about the various powers people think Batman has, and their shock when they learn he is just another guy. The main addition to the team in this issue was Wonder Woman, who really feels like a fish out of water in human society. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this portrayal of Wonder Woman, since I’ve always thought of her as being more kind then bloodthirsty, but who knows where the book will take her the future. Aquaman also has a brief appearance at the end, and he comes across as badass who oozes the confidence a ruler would.

    I’m enjoying Justice League and I plan to continue reading, but the price for this book is a little high when there are better books out there. I would read it if you can, but if you can’t afford it it’s not worth dropping another book for.

    Wonder Woman #3 $2.99

    Let us start this by addressing the elephant in the room, the change to Wonder Woman’s origin. For those unfamiliar with the old story, Wonder Woman was made from clay by the queen of the amazons who prayed so hard, the gods granted the clay doll life, creating Diana. The current origin told in this issue is that Hippolyta had sex with Zeus and Diana is the resulting child. I’m not really a supporter of the new origin; it feels rather generic when compared to the classic story. That out of the way let’s look at how this issue stands aside from that.

    We can see the animosity between Diana and the other Amazonians hinted at last issue explored in this one, as the other amazons are blaming her for the attack on Paradise Island from last issue. Aside from exposition about Diana’s back-story this conflict is the driving force of the issue, and hard to comment on without spoilers.

    I would say check the book out, it’s been an interesting fantasy story so far.

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