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    All-Star Western #3


    All-Star Western is one of the few books right now that really justifies its higher price point, since each issue provides the reader with two different stories, which follow different characters. The first of these tales follows Jonah Hex travelling with Dr. Arkham trying to foil a religion of crime. The action in the series so far has been dynamic, and actions flow from one panel to the next pretty well. The artwork creates a very gritty feel, capturing the essence of both the old west, and a developing city in a way I could not have imagined would have worked. A real strength of the series is watching Hex have to act out of his element. He’s a cowboy from the old west, and unfortunately for him the west isn’t going to stay old for long, and watching him cope with this strikes true considering everything Jonah Hex is.
    The backup story that completes the issue follows El Diablo, a man who becomes a gun slinging spirit of vengeance when he goes to sleep. This issue picks up right where the previous one left off, with El Diablo fighting his way through a town full of zombies, climaxing with a battle against a foe far more menacing then a walking corpse. The ending leaves you wanting more , but this issue ended his story for now, so here’s hoping we get more of El Diablo in the future.

    Aquaman #3

    Price $2.99

    This is a series that –at its heart- is just pure fun. The sense of humour this series has is truly refreshing after everything else DC is putting out. Maybe I’m not reading the right books, but this has me laughing out loud at least once an issue, namely because it can poke fun at the image Aquaman in pop-culture. On top of its sense of humour, the series manages to pack in a fantastic fight scene against a race of fish-men that dwell far beneath the depths of the ocean. The art team deserves plenty of praise for the fight scene, specifically their work on the monsters, which manage to have a consistent and intimidating look.
    We also get a closer look at Aquaman’s back story in this issue, and we really feel for him, especially considering how he’s been treated by the world around him. Geoff Johns helped bring Green Lantern into the role of A-List hero, and if he can keep up this level of quality with Aquaman I can see the same thing happening here.

    Green Lantern: New Guardians #3

    Price $2.99

    If you’re anything like me then you enjoy stories featuring the various Lantern Corps, and this was marketed as one of the best gifts possible for someone like me. Luckily this series does not disappoint. I’m not saying it’s a perfect series (or even the best you could buy this week) but I was thoroughly intrigued by the idea. In this issue we get to see the members of the different corps start coming together through their mutual anger at Kyle Rayner, all the while we see Kyle come to blows with the Guardians of the universe. The mystery of the rings, and what is drawing them to Kyle is proving to be an interesting one, that will keep me reading for the foreseeable future.

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