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    After hanging out with the Lasertime boys at PAX Prime, Chris approached me like a glowing, drunken angel and asked if I wanted to help host the podcast while they were recording from Gameworks. I casually accepted the gracious offer, careful not to let anyone catch wind that I had urinated with excitement.

    I could not be heard at all during that podcast, despite wearing the headset. But the experience lit a fire in my belly. My heart was filled with the need to send my bullshit opinions across the internets via podcast! So I grabbed a couple friends and started Podcasting Robot. We cover a lot of the things the Laser Time does, only not as entertaining. No one can compete with that damned soundboard.

    So, think of us as a nicotine patch while you wait for next Monday.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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