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    Hey there, looks like i’m going to be your new nintendo guy. My name is Mattius. Instead of wasting text i’ll get right into it.

    I’m going to start off with a review of the nintendo Wii. I remember growing up with the super NES, Nintendo 64 and the Gamecube. All great consoles. Naturally I was psyched when Nintendo announced their “Nintendo Revolution“. I got up everyday looking for updates on this new console. I remember them renaming it to the Wii, when they announced twilight princess and when they brought out the new motion controllers, Man was I excited. This excitement just led to a bigger dissapointment for me. Nintendo led me to believe that this was going to be some great revolutionary device. I`m not saying it`s bad, im just saying that it was kind of a dissapointment. When I first brought the Wii home I hooked it all up and put in twilight princess and the biggest issue i had was with the controls. I was expecting more “You do this and so will the charactor“ not “shake the Wii-mote around like a crazy person to perform amazing actions on screen“. Since then almost every wii game has had the same mechanic- shake the controller around to do things. For the games that didnt use “motion“ controls we had a few options: point at screen, tilt sideways for use as a controller or ,for very few games, go out and buy ANOTHER controller piece known as the classic controler. For these controllers you pay up to $50 for the Wii-mote, another $20 for the Nunchuck attachment and now they want me to buy another $20 attachment. Thats a $90 controller, not to mention how they came out with wii motion plus adding more cost onto your controller. It`s not like the gameplay is ruined by this contoller but it can get quite irritating by the shaking and pointing motions.

    One redeeming factor about the Wii is the Virtual console. It is the Wii`s version of the Xbox marketplace or playstaion Store. What it had though that I liked was classic games from Nintendos previous consoles like the N64 or the Super Nintendo. Nintendo also came out with page in the virtual console for mini games that were only available through download, like Pokemon Rumble. There were few games on this though. The virtual console is not limited to just games though, you are also able to download (for free) such useless channels like the “everybody votes“ channel. One thing I found kind of an annoyance is no DLC (for those of you who dont know- Downloadable content). The closest this the Wii had to DLC was a disc for rockband that you have to go out to a store and buy. That, I found kind of depressing. Another small annoyance would be the sensor bar. You have to line that little bugger up with where your sitting and at the correct hight (which is like center screen) so you can easily work with the games that require you to point at the screen. Its just an annoyance. I can put up with the sensor bar but another thing I found annoying is all the peripherals the wii has for it, they arent necessary and, like the games, most are just third party crap. Its just another huge cash grab.

    The thing the Wii has going for it the most would be its backward compatability. I LOVED the gamecube, one of my favorite consoles to date. When I found i could play gamecube games on the Wii I almost exploded. And the Wii`s backwards compatability isn`t like the 360`s where you were only able to play about half of the original Xbox`s games, or the PS3`s were they scrapped that feature altogether. It`s perfect, no graphic flaws or sound distortion. Nothing, just perfect gamecube awesome. If anything was done right on the Wii it would be that. And no matter what game you are playing on the Wii (even if you aren`t playing a game) the Wii is drastically quieter than both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, so no need to turn your volume up to hear over the annoying hums plus with its compact size you dont have to worry about clearing a huge space just to make room.

    Now the most important category for a console. The games. I have mixed feelings about the games on the Wii. On one hand you have first party gems such as Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy and on the other hand you have third party games such as… Chicken shoot and Carnival games. Third party developers use the Wii as a huge cash grab. They pump out massive amounts of “Family Friendly“ garbage because they know that the parents who bought this console for their kids will buy it. There are VERY few third party games on the Wii worthy of anyones time. Nintendo has always made fantastic games on their part though. You know if Nintendo is making a new Zelda or Mario then they will not dissapoint. This was my main reasoning for purchasing the Wii in the first place. If your buying a wii for this 3rd party garbage I would highly recommend you invest your money elsewhere. If you bought or are buying one for the first party gems, then that is exactly what you should be doing with this console.

    The Good: Perfect backwards compatability, Fantastic first party games, great selection of classic games on the virtual console, Quiet, Compact size.
    The Bad: Terrible third party game support, Irritating and pricey controllers, annoying sensor bar, too many peripherals.

    In summary if you dont have a Wii by now I wouldnt recommend getting one unless you are a die hard Nintendo fan, appreciate the gems the Nintendo first party brings out or if you have to buy a new one because some annoying toddler threw it off the balcony.
    The Nintendo Wii gets a 7 out of 10 for me


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    I didn’t like this.



    You have a good amount of text here, but it could use some tightening up. Be sure to use capital letters for proper nouns. Also, break up paragraphs with a line break, as it it easier on the eyes when typing online. Maybe use less commas, and break up your sentences into smaller chunks. You’re on the right path, though.

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