Feb 262015
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Returning to business as usual after last week’s three-hour explodaganza, we’re kicking this week’s show off with a look at five movie-to-game adaptations that, for whatever reason, only ever appeared on PSP. Then it’s on to some talk about Dragonball Xenoverse and Way of the Samurai 4, news of Kanye dabbling in game design, and answers to the questions you wanted to ask us.

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Feb 242015
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[UPDATE: YouTube archive added below! Please enjoy an what’s basically two extra podcasts with Oscar/Fastlane talk over two quirky ass games!]

Saddle up next to Chris and Dave as they take two weirdo car games, Lococycle and Roundabout, for a test drive today at 3PM Pacific (6PM Eastern)

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Feb 232015
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Laser Time, Oscars, 2014, 2015, awards, snubs, honorary

Snubs happen every year — that’s just the nature of awards ceremonies. It’s up to us, the writers who think we know better because we make blog posts, to correct these mistakes. So without further adieu, here are Laser Time’s honorary Oscars! [Some spoilers follow.]

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