7 Bizarre Soundtracks Inspired by Books

We live in a world filled with countless soundtracks — soundtracks based on movies, TV shows, video games, and Broadway musicals. But soundtracks based on books? Those things with words written on paper? Well, those musical adaptations are rare indeed…. Read more

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Laser Time – Retail Horror Stories

Just in time for the busiest shopping season of the year, we’re unleashing a Black Friday bundle of customer service nightmares and tales of retail hell…

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Why Do Video Game Movies Suck So Much?

I’m not a game creator or a movie director, but I do think that both of those mediums require an immense amount of effort and money, no matter how good or bad they end up. And it usually takes a… Read more

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10 Ways Xbox 360 Changed Gaming Forever

The 360 launched a decade ago, and some of its biggest advancements tend to be overlooked by gamers. With the gift of hindsight, it was much more revolutionary that it seems on the surface…

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Laser Time

Agents of SHIELD “Many Heads, One Tale” Review

In one smooth motion, SHIELD has weaved nearly all of its threads together into one overarching story. That in itself is impressive, especially without anyone figuring out beforehand that it all connected (the show is living up to that infamous… Read more

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Super Star Wars Series – Let’s Do This!

Up until this week you could only experience the relentless frustration of Super Star Wars on the Super NES. But thanks to the irresistible marketing might of Episode VII (and probably Battlefront, too), you can now download the game on PS4.

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The Most American Pieces of Media (Not Made in the US)

There are plenty of American-made movies, video games, and comics that celebrate the country for what it is, by romanticizing our past, diving into military fantasies, or putting a new spin on our culture. Over the years, the influence has… Read more

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Cape Crisis #164 – Coming Out To Stan Lee

The gang’s all here! Hank, Chris, Dave, and Brett dive into a ton of new Marvel books, gorillas vs. Flash, Star Wars wildness, plus Stan Lee getting confused and your QOTW replies…

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