Vidjagame Apocalypse 209 – Mascots Riding Mascots

It’s always fun when someone appears on VGA for the first time, and this week, longtime community member and Anime Streaming Showcase creator Curtis “zabu_san” Stone joins us for a very serious discussion of mascots who habitually carry their partners… Read more

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Watch Laser Time’s Live Stream Highlight Reel!

Intrepid LT contributor Robert Beach culled through our March YouTube video archive, pulling the best Switch launch outrage, inappropriate Quiplash jokes, and a bonus video featuring a vape attack!

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Yooka-Laylee – Let’s Do This!

REJOICE, N64 FANS! After two decades, the 3D platforming collectathon formula Rare ran into the ground makes its triumphant return to consoles. Join us for this nostalgic moment brought back to life by 74,000 Kickstarter backers. Today at 3PM Pacific… Read more

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Laser Time

Laser Time – Twin Competing Movies

Call it common thought, stolen scripts, or something else entirely, but it’s always weird when two studios put out very similar movies in the same timeframe. We dig into the biggest clashes of twin movies and declare winners!

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Banjo Tooie: T Time Episode 22

With Yooka Laylee releasing almost the same day as this episode, I took the opportunity to rave about the game that inspired it, my favorite game of all time, Banjo Tooie. But don’t worry — I’m not trying to sway… Read more

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Monday Night Movie – GI Joe 1987

Buckle the hell friggin’ up because the wack af GI Joe movie is tonight’s feature presentation. I can’t promise Transformers-level greatness but if you’ve never seen this before, you WILL be entertained.

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