May 222015
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Sonic the Hedgehog? Tired and boring. Alex Kidd? Don’t insult us. Sega’s greatest spokesman was born in advertising, starred in one game, and never made it stateside before literally exploding on television. And since last week marked the two-decade anniversary of the Sega Saturn’s surprise (and, as we’d later come to realize, horribly timed) launch in the U.S., we’d be remiss if we didn’t spend some time recognizing the insane hard-sell mascot that hawked Sega’s lovably clunky 32-bit machine in Japan: Segata Sanshiro. Continue reading »

May 222015
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Conventional wisdom holds that handheld versions of multiplatform games are, at best, stripped-down shadows of their console brethren, and best forgotten. Sometimes, conventional wisdom is for idiots. USGamer’s Bob Mackey joins us this week for a Top 5 about handheld companion games that outshone their higher-profile console versions, after which we jump into a rambling conversation about Witcher 3 and Destiny: House of Wolves (and The Simpsons, and some other stuff) before looking at characters you used to think were cool.

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May 192015
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[UPDATE: YouTube archives embedded below. Yes, including a Madballs game, which contrary to popular intuition, actually exists!]

We’re celebrating the release of the new House of Wolves Destiny DLC and the fifth anniversary of Red Dead Redemption by playing the futuristic shooter’s add-on and the open-world wild west action-adventure!

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