6 Unexpectedly Bloody Games

When it comes to videogames, you can usually judge a game by its cover and understand that serious gun-toting dudes will bring the blood. Once in a while, however, we’ll find that the greatest gore comes in some of the strangest… Read more

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Lego Dimensions – Let’s Do This

Today’s normally scheduled Shit Show has been replaced by Lego Dimensions and at least two pieces of the most expensive DLC you ever did see. Hey, it could be bad?! Be there a 3PM Pacific!

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Cheap Popcast #60 – It’s Hip To Be Square

In light of WWE’s historic return to televised events at Madison Square Garden, Dave and Hank run through the recent show while Chris Antista and Wes Green join in later to discuss the venue’s long history (and possible curse).

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5 Video Games with Awful Voice Acting

The Last of Us’ Ellie and Joel, Far Cry 3’s Vaas, The Walking Dead’s Clementine — these characters evoke emotional responses because of the stellar performances behind them. On the opposite end of the spectrum is voice work so abysmal… Read more

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Laser Time – Halloween Comfort Food

October is here and it’s time to get SPOOOOOOOOOKY! We’re dispensing with our annual entertainment traditions and we wanna know what TV, movies, etc. you consider to be Halloween standards?

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SNL Viewers Club: Miley Cyrus

American’s favorite not-so-sweetheart Miley Cyrus returns to SNL! How did she fare? How strong was the premiere? How does the season outlook… uh, look? These answers may or may be found in the return of SNL Viewers Club!

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Laser Time

VGMpire 100 is live, Rocktober 2015 imminent

For those of you who don’t frequent the VGMpire site, we recently celebrated its 100th episode with a grab bag of folks’ favorite game tunes. With great jams and guests aplenty, it’s well worth a listen! Check it out here

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Avengers iOS Wallpapers Invade Your Devices Like Ultron

Like I’ve said before, I’ve been making these iOS wallpapers for years, and occasionally post them here for others to enjoy. We’ve posted Avengers wallpapers before, both for classic ‘Vengers and Rage of Ultron, so what’s the occasion today after… Read more

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Triple H Entrance Songs Ranked – Wrestler Theme Fridays

From blue-blood jobber, to talent-burying main-eventer, to internet-darling executive, Triple H has done it all and has plenty of entrance themes along the way. In the latest Wrestler Theme Friday, we’re counting down every song that’s accompanied The Game to… Read more

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