See How Big a Deal Network TV Was Thirty Years Ago

Before we had unlimited access to a hundred billion channels and streaming options, the big three networks had a literal monopoly. So when September rolled around, you better believe NBC, CBS and ABC pulled out all the stops and treated their… Read more

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The 8 Ups and Downs of the XFL

With the fifteenth anniversary of the birth and subsequent death of Vince McMahon’s football league, let’s look at what made the XFL great and what brought it crashing down.

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Laser Time

Monday Night Movie – Ernest Goes to Jail

Brettober begins with my favorite Ernest film, the one where he gains magnetic / electric powers, dresses as an elderly woman and consumes an ink pen in front of a courtroom. Oh he also goes to jail. Hence the name…. Read more

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Royal Presidential Rumble – The Fight for America

Find out who is the POTUS with the mostest as several of the most powerful men in the free world terrorize the squared circle in what will inevitably become the least popular edition of Fantasy Fights ever!

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