Mar 202015
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Henry and Chris are joined by both Brett and Dave for this crowded house podcast, and we get into all the big news. Henry read a bunch of comics starring women, we explore the topics of the new costumes for some of comics greatest heroes, we check in on The Walking Dead, and discuss you answers to last week’s QOTW!

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Mar 192015
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Given that St. Patrick’s Day was this week, we opted for the convenient holiday theme and made this episode about the most Irish thing games have to offer: Irish accents, affected by (mostly) non-Irish actors. Then it’s on to some brief talk about Battlefield Hardline, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and Jason Voorhees joining Mortal Kombat X, after which we take a look at your ideas for the perfect VR experience.

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Mar 172015
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In the midst of all of the increased negativity surrounding the misrepresentation of female characters in the entertainment industry recently, it’s become popular to complain and argue about how unfairly women are portrayed in mainstream entertainment. While this point of constructive criticism may be irrefutably valid, it’s easy to forget that there are a number of exceptional portrayals of strong female characters in the mainstream media that sadly go unrecognized.

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