The Quizdown – Episode 0

You know Laser Time loves trivia. Laser Time loves games. Laser Time loves, uh… shows! So we thought it was high time Laser Time has its own damn TRIVIA GAME SHOW. If you agree, help us make it happen with… Read more

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Game Show Scandals – Laser Time #338

As long as there have been games, there have been cheaters. Why should that change just because the venue gets televised?! Game Shows are not immune to hacks, cheats and whatever the television viewer equivalent is to card counting, as… Read more

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Monday Night Movie: Coming to America

As promised, the Monday Night Movie returns this July 9th with what science and Thirty Twenty Ten have officially determined to be Eddie Murphy’s greatest movie, Coming to America. Come celebrate T’challa’s favorite film with your pals at Laser Time,… Read more

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How to Collect Arcade Games – Laser Time#337

So you want to fill your basement and/or garage with the bleeps and bloops of classic arcade games and pinball machines? Slow down, my dear! On today’s show, we’re joined by an actual arcade proprietor/arcade preservationists, to talk about the… Read more

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When Animals Attack! – Laser Time #336

With Jurassic Park and The Meg getting unleashed into theaters, we’re taking an unflinching look at our favorite movies Human vs Nature films. Because who doesn’t love it when a friendly forest creature or pet turns the tables on the… Read more

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Laser Time

Comic Reviews: Hawkman and Stellar!

COMIC REVIEWS! This week we take to the skies with the new Hawkman series from DC, and Stellar from Image Comics! Plus a special update from yours truly!

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