Oct 172014
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Henry and Chris bask in the glow of too much New York Comic Con news, trying to parse out the future of Marvel and DC, plus they talk the Flash and your answers to question of the week! Oh, and this recorded before all the DC movie news, so you’re gonna have to wait till next week to hear our thoughts on that. SORRY…

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Oct 162014
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Continuing with this month’s horror theme, our Top 5 this week focuses on the oft-maligned practice of shoehorning zombies into games that didn’t have them initially — often with spectacular results. Then there’s some fevered discussion of The Evil Within and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, a brief dusting of New York Comic-Con news, and a look at how well you’d do — realistically speaking — in a zombie apocalypse.

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Oct 142014
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Dave, Chris, Henry, and Grimm make another surprise trip to the Impact Zone as they review what may be TNA’s final PPV, the Japan-themed Bound for Glory. Additionally, the crew chats some more about Hoodslam and the WWE’s poor buildup to Hell in a Cell while Dave discusses this week’s episode of Raw. Continue reading »