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Laser Time is a show featuring folks in the video games industry, although not necessarily about video games. It’s a hyper-silly, multimedia-infused look at film, TV, comics, music, pop culture, and nostalgia from the perspective of people who game for a living. Obviously, their opinions are their own and do not reflect that of their employers.

Below is a full list of every show in chronological order. To browse by most recently published shows, click here

LASER TIME 1 – Star Wars SpinoffsCompanion Article

LASER TIME 2 – Ultra-descriptive TV theme songs

LASER TIME 3 – All About 80s Rap CommercialsCompanion Article

LASER TIME 4 – Lady Superhero Variants  |  Companion Article

LASER TIME 5 – Dynamism!

LASER TIME 6 – Treehouse of Horror

LASER TIME 7 – All About Dinosaurs!

LASER TIME 8 – Beautiful Music with the Super Nintendo

LASER TIME – Totally Titular

LASER TIME – The Bionic Sleep

LASER TIME –  Muppets vs Marvel vs Star Trek

LASER TIME – Xmas Special Special

LASER TIME – Cartoon Christmas Music


LASER TIME – Merry New Year!

LASER TIME – Adult jokes in Kids Cartoons | Companion Article

LASER TIME – Supergirl. Seriously

LASER TIME – The Worst of VGM

LASER TIME – Life 101

LASER TIME – Spider-man and FOOTBALLCompanion Article


LASER TIME – Simpsons Sing the Blehs  |  Companion Article

LASER TIME – Oscar Grouchy

LASER TIME – Saturday Morning Cereal


LASER TIME – Two Hundred Strong  |  Companion Article

LASER TIME – Wrestlin’ Buddies |  Wrestling Live Stream!

LASER TIME – The Best Unaired TV Pilots |  Companion Article

LASER TIME – Live from PAX EAST  |  See video of the entire show

LASER TIME – Facts about Lasers

LASER TIME – The End of Mass Effect

LASER TIME – The Best of the Summer

LASER TIME – Famous Scat

LASER TIME – Stingers

LASER TIME – F’ed up Japan!

LASER TIME – Animated Vanity  |  Companion Article (See all the celebri-toons!)

LASER TIME – How to Make a Video Game

LASER TIME – E3 2012 Spectacular!

LASER TIME – Community Burnout

LASER TIME – Marvel vs Star Trek vs Erotic Fan Fiction

LASER TIME – Badass Cars  |  Companion Article: Hot Wheels: A Manbaby’s Delight!

LASER TIME – Sex or Violence?! 

LASER TIME – Explaining the Unexplainable!


LASER TIME – Banes of Acting!

LASER TIMEa – A Very Special Episode…

LASER TIME – Mascots: Famous and Forgotten

LASER TIME – The Best Years of Our Lives

LASER TIME – Just Three Guys A-Goofin’

LASER TIME – Saddest Final Film Roles

LASER TIME – Bemusement Parks

LASER TIME – Reinventing Jesus H. Christ

LASER TIME – Tales From The Orient!

LASER TIME – Time Travelin’

LASER TIME – Time Travelin’ Pt. 2

LASER TIME – Southern Illin’

LASER TIME – Overrated Movies

LASER TIME – Disney/Star Wars Support Line  | “We’re taking your calls!

LASER TIME – NES Death Quiz!

LASER TIME – Extraordinary Jingles!

LASER TIME – The Worst Live-Action Cartoons PART 1!

LASER TIME – The Worst Live-Action Movies Based on Cartoons PART 2

LASER TIME – #1Reason FUN (The Sexism Episode!)

LASER TIME – The Worst Christmas Specials Ever Made

LASER TIME – Manliest Holiday Movies

LASER TIME – Out of Darkness

LASER TIME – The Death of DVD

LASER TIME – Disco Stew

LASER TIME – Kids Sports Movies

LASER TIME – Inspiration, The Internet and YOU

LASER TIME – Bestest Threequels


LASER TIME – Oscar Time


LASER TIME – Your Humble Narrators


LASER TIME – Watching the Unwatchable

LASER TIME – Ultra-Wholesome Horror!

LASER TIME – Crime Time



LASER TIME – SuperToons!

LASER TIME – Shame Songs

LASER TIME – Star Trek 4 Dummies!

LASER TIME – Gayest Episode Ever!

LASER TIME – The Games Children (USED TO) Play

LASER TIME – Animation For Adults!

LASER TIME – Human Body Odor (HBO!)

LASER TIME – Psy-Crow Nauts!

LASER TIME – Giant Monster Fighting

LASER TIME – Dubya Bee

LASER TIME – The Worst Accents in Film!

LASER TIME – Many Ducks Were Given

LASER TIME – Green Apple Cheeseburger!

LASER TIME – British Invasive

LASER TIME – Shame Songs TOO!

LASER TIME – Naughty Words, Nice People

LASER TIME – Cheesy Songs ABOUT Video Games (Not FROM Video Games)



Laser Time – Hobosexual

Laser Time – Let’s Scare the Kids!

Laser Time – Death is Easy

Laser Time – Simpsons Reference (Our 100th Episode!)

Laser Time – Fudgin’ Candy

Laser Time – Sequels You Never Knew Existed

Laser Time – Moore on Japan

Laser Time – This is Why You’re Fat

Laser Time – MST3K Turkey Day

Laser Time – Embrace the Dark Ride

Laser Time – Gas Problems

Laser Time – Killing Christmas

Laser Time Christmas Special – The Christmas Toy

Laser Time – You Can Talk?!

Laser Time – The Wolf of Smaug Street

Laser Time – The Most Expensive Everything

Laser Time – The Post Game Show

Laser Time – 1-900-LAZR-TIME

Laser Time – The World of Colorization

Laser Time – Oscar Time 2014

Laser Time – Pay TV

Laser Time – Villainous Themes

Laser Time – Conspiracy Bleary

Laser Time – Toys R Us Kids Music

Laser Time vs. Versus Movies

Laser Time – Backlog to the Future

Laser Time – Failed Talk Shows

Laser Time – YOU’RE FIRED

Laser Time – Awkward Celebrity Encounters

Laser Time – Godzilla’s Greatest Hits

Laser Time – Reboots That Don’t Suck

Laser Time – Two and Through

Laser Time – Who is Immortal

Laser Time – Killer Actors

 Laser Time – Wrestling with Television

Laser Time – Creative Splits

Laser Time – Original Superhero Movies

Laser Time – Underrated Sci-Fi

Laser Time – Layin’ Cable

Laser Time – Robin Williams

Laser Time – 90s Primetime Animation

Laser Time – When Actors Sing


Laser Time – Shootin’ the Spam

Laser Time – Stupid Award Shows

Laser Time – What’s Your Favorite Future

Laser Time – The Perfect Score

Laser Time – Old Timey Puke

Laser Time – Lil’ Toons

Laser Time – Monster Parties

Laser Time – Irrational Fears

Laser Time – Dead Food

Laser Time – Power Rangers Rip-offs

Laser Time – Marathon Man

Laser Time – The Worst Christmas Ever

Laser Time – Xmas Ad Nauseum 

Laser Time – The Filthiest Christmas Songs

Laser Time – How to Japan

Laser Time – The Best Movies of 2014

Laser Time – Classical Cartoon Music Quiz

Laser Time – The Surprising Origins of Your Favorite Thing

Laser Time – The Best Animated Films Based on TV Cartoons | Companion Article

Laser Time – Derrick Duo

Laser Time – The Worst Animated Films based on TV Cartoons

Laser Time – Oscar Time 2015

Laser Time – He-Man, Transformer or Ninja Turtle

Laser Time – A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Laser Time – Horror Camp

Laser Time – The Weirdest Final Seasons

Laser Time – Live Action/Animation Hybrids

Laser Time – High School Stories

Laser Time – Unofficial Sequels

Laser Time – Shame Songs 2015

Laser Time – More Prime Time Animations

Laser Time – Short-lived Success Stories

Laser Time – Bad Beatles Covers

Laser Time – The Worst Superhero Movies

Laser Time – Gross Toys

61 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. I’m very excited for Laser Time! I just set up a Laser Time Minecraft Server too, so check out the forum thread! : )

  2. Monday’s will no longer be a shitty 1 hour bus ride to University, now they’ll be a shitty 1 hour bus ride…. with laughs. <3

  3. I’m a little late to the party, but I was missing my Tdar today and went to *gasp* the Gamesradar forums (“…they have forums?…”) and found out about Laser Time. I didn’t realize from listening that this was actually happening already. Now I have 2 podcasts with all my favorite hosts. Bangarang!

  4. I am soooo happy to see (hear actually) the Laser Time podcast! You guys are awesome!
    Back to the good old days of listening the best pop culture drunk rambling there is in all the internets! =)

    1. Jesus, really?! I’ve been trying to do that for days, but I’ve never seen it show up. Lemme know how that goes. And maybe send me a link?! C’mon, don’t make me download Zune software…

      1. So I guess I didn’t reply directly to you.. oops. At least I am registered now. Fabian is evolving….he evolved into “Devious Method!”

        1. Also I am completely unaware of what I am doing and am posting things as two different people… ugh I gotta get over this cold..

  5. I will now bask in the glory that is lasertime. THIS IS AMAZING. nice job guys, bringing the good ‘ol gang back together in a podcast you can make as filthy as you like!

  6. The discovery of this loot literally made me cum, shit and puke at the same time.
    I am happier than a r-apist at a coed party.

  7. HOLY FUCK guys. You need to promote this better! I found out about your AWESOME podcast on reddit of all places, and NEVER heard any of you pimp it anywhere else! This podcast is fucking hysterical, and deserves an even bigger audience than even Talk Radar has. You all are incredibly talented, and to hear you all together again, is a dream come true. This is such a treat for us TDAR fans, and I genuinely thank all of you for taking the time to do this. You all are heroes. Now QUIT BEING SO DAMN MODEST AND PIMP THIS PODCAST THE WAY IT DESERVES!! This should be a front page podcast. Talk more about it on TDAR, your twitters, anything. I beg of you!

  8. When I first heard the concept for this site and podcast announced on TalkRadar, I was sure it’d be heavy on themes/references from the obscure 90’s cartoon “BOTS Master” (since “Laser Time” was a staple in every episode). To date, though, it hasn’t been acknowledged once. Was this just a happy accident?

    Here, dig the intro (especially around 00:45):

  9. I’m a high school freshman and today our school had an anti-bullying course through all periods. We did an activity in 3rd period where you write down an anonymous secret on a sticky note. My English teacher had started reading ones from other classes to get us started. I had been listening to Laser Time to get me through the day. He reads the last sticky note about a kid with cocaine/meth addicted parents. I felt it necessary to ( in my best Alf voice) loudly announce “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug!” I got sent to the office where I listened to Laser Time in peace. 🙂

    Also, that VGM episode was REALLY funny. From one black guy to another, thank you.

  10. I gots to be lovin this here lasertime podcast most amazing group of podcast hosts ever. I laugh so hard I shit myself

  11. I lolz on some LaserTime. Pew-pew.

    Also, I bought the totally rad Laser Effect 3 T-Shirt. I can’t wait to get rejected by the ladies while wearing it!

  12. Any chance you can update this page with the newer episodes? Any new comers from that PTOM mention have to do some digging to find you guys talking about cereal and wrastling.

    1. Except the cereal one is here. So Irish people, they’ll have to dig to hear you talk about Irish people. hashashashasha

  13. I remember it like it was yesterday. TalkRadar had all but fallen, and I was on the verge of metaphorical tears. Then on that same night, I stumble across this spark of hope for the future. It only has two episodes, but it fills me with something that even 190 TalkRadars couldn’t give me. A sense of childhood wonderment and unrestricted, unadulterated joy, minus the corporate shackles that so often bound them to talk about things they couldn’t care less for.

    Now here we are on the dawn of the 33rd Time of Laser. So soon.

    God bless you, Laser Time. You’ve become the best at what it is you do.

  14. Hi !
    I love the shows. You manage to be entertaining and informative. A rare and wonderful combination.
    Cape crisis makes me want to read American comics.
    I have donated (a bit) to Lasertime for the ongoing of all of the fun, and I would like to keep helping by buying through Amazon (which I do a lot). But, because I live in France, being French and all, I have to use Amazon.fr. Can I access that through you ?

    Keep it up ! Wonderful team !

  15. I miss the _real_ TalkRadar. Chris Antista & Michael Reparaz destroyed all of my self-doubt and replaced it with awesome. Keep the flame held hig, berks; you’re all we have left!

  16. Definitely have to revisit LASER TIME – Marvel vs Star Trek vs Erotic Fan Fiction EP #39 for some erotic fan fiction about Kirby! He likes it nasty!

  17. I just noticed that the episode Moore on Japan Too is missing from this list. I haven’t noticed if any other episodes are missing, but at least one is. I hope Chris notices this and can fix this issue.

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