Nothing just yet lol! More info coming soon

49 thoughts on “Store

  1. I will buy stuff as soon as it’s available. The scary part is I’ve had things disappear in the Indian postal service before.

    Ah who cares…for the amount of entertainment you guys have given me for free for the last 3+(?) years I’ll buy stuff anyway.

  2. @Fenderstat
    It is not that kind of podcast :D. And yah would buy a shirt with the laser time logo on it, preferably a small one on the front and big logo on the back

  3. You guys should should start a portal for shopping. Post game and movie deals and wen we click and buy trough the links, you guys get paid. I’d do my online shopping that way.

  4. I really like that Laser Time logo in the upperleft corner of the sight. That logo on a black t-shirt or hoodie would be great. I really like my GamesRadar shirt, but I lost weight and now it’s rather big on me.

    Looking forward to see what merch shows up here.

  5. I feel like shot glasses and bottle openers would be fitting. I’d pay good money for a Laser Time Stein

  6. might i suggest going the doug benson route and releasing bonus longer episodes for 2 bucks a pop on itunes? They could be crossovers with vgmpire or hell just long ep’s on a particular subject. That way you could still offer your free shows but allow dedicated fans something a bit more.
    Just sayin

  7. I know you guys will never make girl cut shirts for the 5 of us that listen, so this is my promise to model dude cut shirts with no pants on.

    For the cause.

  8. My car just got totaled, so I was really hoping to buy a new Lasertime Sticker to put on my new car. Any chance I could get one?

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