Mario Bros. – Episode 066

DOWNLOAD We’re heading into the sewers to clean out the pipes with the Mario Bros. in the game that gave us their ultimate occupation. So join the Podouken crew as we explore how Mario Mario and Luigi Mario take on… Read more

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Donkey Kong – Episode 064

DOWNLOAD Grab a fistful of quarters and listen along as we begin a new miniseries that is all about living the Nintendo Life. We start with one of the best arcade games of all time – Donkey Kong (or is… Read more

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Double Dragon – Episode 020

A new miniseries kicks (and punches) off with twin brothers trying to rescue their one lover — Technos Japan’s Double Dragon. What 1970s film did Technos use for inspiration to bring about the age of the arcade brawler? How many… Read more

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Marble Madness – Episode 015

  It’s all downhill from here as we roll with Marble Madness. We discuss the Doogie Howser of arcade games who at the age of 18 created a major arcade hit for Atari and went on to do a whole… Read more

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7 Amazing Super Bowl Commercial Crossovers

Nothing brings competing characters together like marketing money! And of course, that can only escalate when we’re talking about America’s #1 annual TV show: The Super Bowl. Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready?

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See How Big a Deal Network TV Was Thirty Years Ago

Before we had unlimited access to a hundred billion channels and streaming options, the big three networks had a literal monopoly. So when September rolled around, you better believe NBC, CBS and ABC pulled out all the stops and treated their… Read more

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Laser Time – Retro TV Blocks

In honor of the national nightmare that is the return of Full House, we’re talking about our favorite TV programming blocks of yore. From TGIF to Must-See TV, to SNICK and beyond!

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What Happened to Micro Machines?

As an 80s kid, my favorite memories are justifying my Turbographix 16 to the Super Nintendo kids (I was definitely wrong) and collecting Micro Machines. From the officially licensed Predator, Jurassic Park, and Star Trek lines, to the standard car… Read more

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G.I. Joe Is There!

Did the recent G.I. Joe movies let you down with their distinct lack of 80s flair? This video has you covered!

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