Cape Crisis #95 – Fantastic No More?

Could Marvel shelve the Fantastic Four out of corporate spite? And what about what happened in Original Sin this week? All of that and much more, including all of your thoughts on Days of Future Past…

By Hank | 9

Cape Crisis #88 – The Amazing Baby 2

As we still recover from Winter Soldier, we talk about Evian commercials, some new footage of Days of Future Past, classic manga, and some deep thoughts on important subjects…

Cape Crisis #87 – HAIL HYDRA

We have too much to talk about this week, including a totally packed second half where we discuss Winter Soldier. We also talk about finishing Animal Man, Hardee’s vs Carl’s Jr., early Amazing reviews, and way more…

Comic Reviews: All-New X-Men and Animal Man!

COMIC REVIEWS!!!! WE”RE BACK, and (hopefully) better than ever! This week the X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy team up for the first time ever, and Animal Man’s final battle for the Red begins!

By Jonwahizzle | 2