Comic-Con Alternatives – Laser Time #386

Another year, another Comic-Con. But the annual San Diego pilgrimage is far from the only way to pay tribute in person to the things you hold dear. That’s why we’re talking not only about the history of Comic-Cons, along with… Read more

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Cape Crisis – Henry’s Comic-Con 2016 Diary

SURPRISE! Cape Crisis is back a bonus episode! Learn all about Henry’s time at Comic-Con 2016, including reactions to all the big news, and what Hank has been reading lately, all in this special podcast…

By Hank | 8

Watch Us Play The Flash’s Worst Video Game

We love the current Flash TV show and comics, but the Scarlet Speedster hasn’t had the best games, as you’ll see when we play this Master System game only released in Europe. Join in the “fun”…

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