Upcycled Games: T Time Episode 19

Are you tired of video games recycling mechanics and settings over and over again? Let’s talk about the games that do it right — the games that upcycle.

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Laser Time plays Nioh!

Our buddy Greg walked us through the beta a while back, but now it’s time for the Laser Time gang to take spit-shined look at Tecmo Koei’s stab at Samurai Dark Souls, Nioh!

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Video Game Stories: T Time Episode 13

December is here, which means you’ll be telling stories for your respective (non)religious holiday pretty soon. But video games don’t always focus on the full story. Why is that? Let’s find out.

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How to Dark Souls III

WARNING: Chris is a total scrub, however, Brelston is well versed in the world of Dark Souls! Come along with us and let’s learn the intricacies of the latest death dealer from From Software together, in Laser Time’s fabulously informative… Read more

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10 Cool Things from 2014

Eyyyy everyone’s writing their best-of lists, and while most of them are themed to a specific topic (games, movies, music etc) I thought I might be fun to just jot down 10 of my personal favorite things of 2014. No… Read more

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