Spaceballs – Monday Night Movie!

What you got is what we need and all we do is dirty deeds, via LIVE commentary for the 1987 classic Spaceballs! Join Chris, Dave, and Talking Simpsons Patreon guests Henry Gilbert and Bob Mackey at 6PM PST on Monday,… Read more

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Monday Night Movie – Hot Fuzz!

If you’ve got a gun, shoot it in the air and scream, because we’re watching and commentating over Pegg, Frost, and Wright’s ode to buddy cop movies with Hot Fuzz! Find out the details of our second Cornetto trilogy Monday… Read more

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Monday Night Movie – GI Joe 1987

Buckle the hell friggin’ up because the wack af GI Joe movie is tonight’s feature presentation. I can’t promise Transformers-level greatness but if you’ve never seen this before, you WILL be entertained.

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Monday Night Movie: April 2017 Schedule!

We ain’t foolin, there’s some great Monday Night Movies on tap for April. Check out the dates and movies we’ll be doing LIVE commentary for this month!

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Raising Arizona – Monday Night Movie!

The movie that put the Coen Brothers on the map turns 30 this month, so we’re celebrating by doing a LIVE commentary of one of the funniest movies ever! Join us at 6PM PST for all the fun or catch… Read more

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Monday Night Movie: March 2017 Schedule!

March is coming in like a tornado and out like a stolen baby! Check out the pair of classics that’ll get live commentary treatment for this month’s Monday Night Movies!

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Black Dynamite – Monday Night Movie

As voted upon by our lovely Patrons, everyone who can be here at 6PM PACIFIC, Monday Jan. 23rd damn sure should, because we’re gonna watch one of the greatest comedies of the last ten years. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the… Read more

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Monday Night Movie – Jackie Chan’s First Strike

We’re watching Jackie Chan’s breakout US movie LIVE tonight for the first Monday Night Movie of 2017 with Jackie Chan’s First Strike! Join us at 6PM PST as commentate over the movie formerly known as Police Story 4!

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Monday Night Movie: Die Hard

YIPPIE KI YAY, LASER TIMERS! Join us at 6PM PST for a LIVE commentary of the Christmassy action classic Die Hard. Welcome to the party, pal.

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Monday Night Movie: December 2016 Schedule!

One of the manliest Christmas movies to ever celebrate the season alongside the most Trump-filled holiday film ever will be covered with Laser Time commentary during December 2016’s Monday Night Movies. Check out the schedule here!

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