The Best Xmas Alternatives – Laser Time #307

Pop cultures has no shortage of non denominational fictional Holiday celebrations, so specials guests Diana Goodman and AJ Glasser join Chris and Dave in their effort to mine classic TV and movies for the very bestest Christmas alternatives in the… Read more

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Ranking the Movies of Desperate D-List Actor Troy McClure

Hello, Laser Time. I’m here to tell you about Troy McClure. This has-been has been a man about Tinseltown, starring in questionable project after questionable project. His film career is hardly discussed, since there is only scant footage and information… Read more

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Halloween 2016 Horror Film Recommendations

It’s October, and that means a ton of horror movie viewings should already be commencing nightly, if you’re doing it right. And that’s why I’m here to give you some recommendations.

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Monday Night Movie – Ernest Goes to Jail

Brettober begins with my favorite Ernest film, the one where he gains magnetic / electric powers, dresses as an elderly woman and consumes an ink pen in front of a courtroom. Oh he also goes to jail. Hence the name…. Read more

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6 Irish Movies to Watch This St. Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, which only means one thing for me: avoiding tourists in my city by staying in and watching an Irish movie or two. If you feel the same way, then here’s a list of my favorites…. Read more

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One Year, 189 Movies

No seriously, I watched 189 movies this year. Don’t worry, the first page is just a Top 10 list.

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3 Holiday Classics Reimagined with Sly Stallone

Home Alone, Die Hard, and It’s a Wonderful Life are all bona fide holiday classics, but I always wondered how different those films would be if they had cast Sylvester Stallone as the lead character. The following is an anthology… Read more

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7 Horror Movies that Would Be Great TV Shows

One of the stranger trends of the last couple years is the boom of horror adaptations on TV. There have always been horror shows, like the 80s’ Freddy’s Nightmares and Friday the 13th series, but those were based on mega-successful… Read more

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