Oscar Time 2021 – Laser Time #426

Continuing our annual tradition, we’ve once again watched all the movies nominated for Best Picture at the 93rd Academy Awards so you don’t have to! A global pandemic has obviously made a giant mess of the Oscars this year, but… Read more

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Oscar Time 2020 – Laser Time #400

It’s that time again! We’ve watched all the Oscar Nominees for Best Picture so you don’t have to! More so than other years, there’s certainly not a lot to hate about this years Academy Awards winner’s circle, but there’s still… Read more

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Oscar Time 2019 – Laser Time #369

Once again, as is annual tradition, we’ve seen all the Oscar movies so you don’t have to! Opinions, predictions, and sadly YES, our best attempt at comedy sketches abound as we weigh in on all eight of the Academy’s 2019… Read more

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Oscar Time 2018 – Laser Time

We’ve seen all of this year’s Best Picture nominees so you don’t have to. Buckle in for an in-depth discussion on NINE best movie of the year candidates, each with accompanying sketchery, as is tradtion. BEWARE: Light spoilers (but mostly… Read more

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The Worst Oscar Winners Ever – Laser Time

The Academy Awards are almost here, so we’re taking a look at the definitive worst Oscar recipients of all-time. Yes, we all have our personal Best Picture punching bags, but we’ve unearthed a batch of cinematic stinkers that provably suck… Read more

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Laser Time – Oscar Time 2017

As per annual tradition, we’ve watched all the 2017 Academy Award nominees for Best Picture so you don’t have to! Get ready for a thorough breakdown of all nine cinematic contenders and some silly, stupid comedy sketches in between

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Laser Time – Oscar Time 2016

Once again, it’s time for Laser Time’s annual Oscar party for people who don’t necessarily care about the Oscars! We’ve seen all the Best Picture nominees so you don’t have to, now listen in and then go impress your friends… Read more

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Laser Time – Oscar Time 2015

Once again, we’ve seen every movie nominated for a 2015 Best Picture Academy Award so you don’t have to! Find out which films are truly worthy of the cinema’s highest praise and which ones you can ignore completely…

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Laser Time – Oscar Time 2014

Hardcore movie talk and 2014 Oscar predictions sure to warm the cold winter heart of even the biggest cinephobic! We’ve seen ‘em all so you don’t have to!

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Laser Time – Oscar Time

In keeping with our seemingly annual tradition, we run through the 2013 Academy Awards nominees to tell you what hits and what shits…

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