Tekken 3 Endings – LT Ending Theater

Nearly 20 years have passed since the end of Tekken 2, and a whole new generation of fighters is ready to brawl. But! An aged Heihachi, Paul Phoenix and more are still hanging in there! This wraps up our look… Read more

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Speed Power Gunbike – Let’s Learn!

What happens when a weird ass Japanese game is also hard as fuck? Speed Power Gunbike, ladies and gentleman! From the unsung shepherds of the Mega Man franchise…

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LSD: Dream Emulator – Tripping Balls on PS1

Special guest Greg Moore takes us on a hallucinatory spirit quest¬†through one of the most bizarre PlayStation games to ever come out of Japan. Find a happy place and avoid the brown acid… this is probably gonna get weird.

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Tekken 2 Endings – LT Ending Theater

With part one out of the way, it’s time to dig into the increasingly impressive (and silly!) Tekken endings. It’s a strange analogy to make, but I usually compare Tekken 1-2 to Mega Man 1-2. People knew about the first… Read more

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Tekken Endings – LT Ending Theater Returns

We’ve marveled at Twisted Metal endings and gawked at the bizarre finales of Street Fighter EX, but now it’s time to dive into a trio of titles that raised the bar with console CG cinematics. Tekken¬†began as an arcade game… Read more

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Transformers: Beast Wars – PlayStation 1 Gameplay

We’ve been celebrating the 30th anniversary of Transformers: The Movie a lot this week, so why not ride that wave of fandom into an altogether different generation of Robots in Disguise. Yes, it’s Transformers: Beast Wars for PS1 and damned… Read more

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