See How Big a Deal Network TV Was Thirty Years Ago

Before we had unlimited access to a hundred billion channels and streaming options, the big three networks had a literal monopoly. So when September rolled around, you better believe NBC, CBS and ABC pulled out all the stops and treated their… Read more

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Laser List: 5 Crazy, Unsuccessful TV Pilots

Not every pilot can grab viewers’ attention like Lost of Breaking Bad. Sometimes they fail right out of the gate. Here are five that were just too a bit too bizarre to exist.

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Agent Carter “Snafu” Review

Well damn, that was an intense episode — one where the buildup was at an all time high. And man, it’s hard not to immediately touch on Dooley’s awesome scene. [Spoilers follow.]

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Laser Time – TV Sharty

Terrible sitcoms, guilty TV pleasures, and an excruciating look at the upcoming season of broadcast horror…

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