Cheap Popcast #48 – Super Payback

We play dress-up to discuss wrestler-cosplaying and WWE Payback (with a brief detour discussing Raw and the already packed Elimination Chamber card) before chatting about the long-running crossover between superhero movies and professional wrestlers.

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Cheap Popcast #26 – Payback, Betrayal, and Love

A larger-than-usual Cheap Popcast brings Dave, Henry, Grimm, and Chris together to talk about Payback and weird 1990s Monday Night Raw wedding proposals, while Dave takes a few minutes to talk about this week’s Raw breakup.

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Cheap Predictions: Pick Payback 2014 results and win!

We won’t pay you for your prognostications, but if you can be the best Payback predictor, your choice of wrestler theme closing out next month’s Cheap Popcast. Read on for Dave’s picks and then make yours!

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Cheap Popcast #11- Returns on your Payback

We’re back covering WWE for their premiere Payback PPV, chatting about CM Punk’s return, RVD’s MITB tease, and the most shocking returns in wrestling history!

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