The 30 Best Royal Rumble Match Moments Ever!

With the WWE approaching the 30th iteration of the excitement-filled Royal Rumble, we’ve scoured every single previous instance of the timed battle royal to pick out the 30 best eliminations, surprises, and other assorted insanity!

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Watch Us Play – WWE 2K16 Random Character Royal Rumble

With WWE’s Royal Rumble this weekend, we’re celebrating with a Royal Rumble featuring exactly ZERO WWE stars. Instead, we’ve got comic book heroes, game characters, politicians, and more in a Royal Rumble match LIVE on Twitch at 3PM PST!

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Cheap Popcast # 41 – Royally Screwed Up

Dave, Henry, Brett, and Grimm talk about the soaring highs and depressing lows of this year’s Royal Rumble before running through the always-awful Pay-Per-View theme songs. Chris also stops by to talk about the snowed-in Raw and Fast Lane’s potential.

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