New features to Laser Time

Laser Time wants to make itself as accessible as possible to you and your feedback, so we’ve recently secured several prime pieces digital real estate throughout this great internet of ours. Take a look, lollipops…
TWITTER – Get our tweets!
FACEBOOK – Like us, and shit!
FORUMS – Keeping the discussion going is very important to Laser Time, so we’ve set up multiple forums to aid interactivity. Some require further explanation.

Laser Time Show Discussion
-Participate in Episode listening threads, almost like a live commentary, along with kudos and criticism on the crap coming out of our mouths.
-Expand upon the topics discussed on Laser Time. Maybe we missed a detail. Maybe we’re full of shit. Call us out on it!
-Fan Art. We love this stuff, and we’re planning to offer incentives to those brave artists who take the time to Photoshop hats and dicks onto Laser Time related minutia. More on this later….

Contribute to the Show
-Got a podcast? Make a 30 second spot and we’ll play it on Laser Time
-Know of a funny subject? Or perhaps a YouTube video worth mocking on Laser Time? Post it here!
-Demos of your bands are also encouraged!
-Create a Playlist! Laser Time features a running music bed in almost all episodes. We invite you to create 30 to 40 minute YouTube Playlists that will run live under our conversations.

General Laser
-It’s hard to predict the needs of a fledgling community, so we’re letting you define it for us.

-We cover a varitity of topics and entertainment mediums on Laser Time. We love reviews, although we feel it’s not kosher for the hosts to do them given the nature of their day jobs… But what about you? Ever wanted to get a game/movie/album/TV show review published somewhere? Stop thinking about how to get your review read and write one up! We’ll take care of the rest.

Other Podcasts
-You love podcasts. We love podcasts. But getting your show heard is the hardest part, and that’s what we like to help with. We want you to create commercials for your shows, but if you think you have a show of your own that Laser Time listeners would be interested in, tell them about it here.

Obviously, we encourage you to keep in touch and keep tuned into us. There’s plenty more to do, but you should see more soon. Maybe that’ll  including the ACTUAL SHOW

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