Laser Time: Now on iTunes and RSS feed

In case you were wondering, Laser Time is finally available on iTunes! Also, several of you requested the RSS feed, and we’ve got a solution for you too. In short:


We’re still working on getting the show out to Zune, Stitcher, etc., and if you’ve got another channel to suggest, please do so in the comments below. All such information will live permanently on the Podcast landing page, as will the Laser Time archive!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support and donations. Oh, and if you haven’t rate/reviewed us on iTunes, PLEASE DO! That kind of stuff really, really helps early on. HEART!

14 thoughts on “Laser Time: Now on iTunes and RSS feed

  1. So, unlike other games websites which is the preffered place to download this from now you’re not tasked with increasing traffic?

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