Laser Time Episode 2’s Ending Speech

By popular demand, here’s the video. No, that’s not Hitler, kids…

It’s none other than “silent film star” Charlie Chaplin giving an incredibly moving speech in his 1940 finger-flip, The Great Dictator, albeit retrofitted with Hans Zimmer’s “Time” from the Inception soundtrack by Youtuber DerPesmann.  I never expected to get so many kudos for playing it, mostly because it closes out a lighthearted show about cornball sitcom themes with something sobering and serious… but you’re welcome! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see two completely unrelated things, with SEVENTY YEARS between them, combined together to make something new and beautiful.

So ya know, the movie’s pretty goddamned amazing and has a fascinating history as well. While touring the globe as an international movie star, Chaplin, a Jew, was treated like shit by Nazis long before the world knew what was going down (that’s a nice way to put it, huh?) Sick of having his mustache compared with someone he perceived as a tyrannical dickhead, Chuck took it upon himself to take the piss out of Hitler way back when the US was still on formally neutral footing with Germany, and began filming his soon-to-be controversial movie one week before World War II even started. Pretty ballsy, especially back then. Just sayin’ – Criterion’s got a beatass Blu-ray out there.




The Great Dictator

26 thoughts on “Laser Time Episode 2’s Ending Speech

  1. As someone who’s been listening to the show…uhhh…TalkRadar, I mean, for a very long time, a video such as this really doesn’t seem out of place. To me, there are few pieces of media that are as sincere as TalkRadar, and I know where it’s coming from when I hear something like this on it.

  2. After finishing Lasertime 2 I immediately googled the speech. Wasn’t that hard too, however I still appreciate you guys doing something like this. The clip really is breathtaking.

  3. This was great because it was so unexpected. After an hour of silliness it was a pleasant surprise to hear this at the end of the podcast – which brought a sudden shift of mood.

    1. So glad you feel that way! Always wanted to squeeze it in somewhere, but we rarely enter onto the subject of throwing off the shackles of greed and tyranny.

  4. I don’t know enough superlatives to convey how this clip makes me feel.

    I’ve watched it at least ten times since hearing it at the end of Lastertime 2, and it never gets less wonderful. I could do without having to dry my eyes at the end every time, though, as I’m at work, but it’s a small price to pay.

  5. Can you please please make it so we can download the audio only version of the speech? the same one you used at the end of lasertime 2?

  6. Charlie Chaplin making a movie making fun of Hitler at a time he was rounding up Jews to the slaughter is very ballsy.

  7. Thanks for posting this Chris! I was wondering what that was from, very inspiring. I don’t think i ever hear Chaplin speak before. Amazing performance and great parallel between the past and present.

  8. This is the reason I love what you do, Antista. For the past 180 weeks, I’ve laughed ’til my sides split and then you top it off with some song that just breaks my heart; shit like Pete and Pete. It may seem insignificant, but many, many of my music interests evolved out of TDar closing segments, and every time I hear the songs, I think of Talkradar and think of all the memories. Thank you so much, Chris; here’s hoping (here’s knowing) that LaserTime will be just as poignant.

  9. Amazing, just what I expect from you guys! I would like to thank Chris, Brett, Mikel, Tyler, Henry (who have so far appeared on Laser Time) and everyone else on TDar for introducing me to so many new, life enriching things.

    Awesome stuff as always, Laser Time is badass. I’m looking forward to all the awesomeness to follow!

  10. This is so freaking powerful. Gives me chills. The balls this man had never cease to amaze me.
    Thanks for reminding me of the awesome stuff I forget about because I’m an idiot.

  11. Amazing. Thanks for putting this in front of me. I wasn’t aware of the film, and this scene made me reappraise Chaplin.

    It’s the look and the gesture after he finishes talking that kills me, like he knows it’s never gonna happen. I know I’m probably reading a little too much into it, but still. Get’s me every time, but then I am a sentimental old tit.

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