47 thoughts on “Laser Time – Famous TV/Film Themes on the Super Nintendo

  1. “This is terrible!” – Brett Elston

    That moment made me laugh quite a bit. This is terrible incredible!

  2. Oh, and download times have much improved. Early episode and immediate iTunes upload along with lightning quick downloads even here in Middle Earth/the UK? Beauty.

  3. GET PAUL RYAN!!!! i don’t care what the topic will be or if he has to use Skype. just please bring us his angelic voice

    1. I think they must have because they also discover the tweet about Arrested Development coming back in this one. Must be prerecorded from a few weeks ago.

  4. Being a Talkradar fan who has converted over to Lasertime, it’s awesome to have a show entirely about games! I will continue to listen to both shows as long as you guys keep cranking them out. Oh, and for future episodes, you can never be too drunk.

  5. This was an entire show made out of what would have been one segment of a TR show. Strangely specific, but interesting nonetheless. Some songs I knew right away that the guys took some time to figure out, others the guys knew right away before I knew them. Funny how our memories work.

    1. Hope that’s not a bad thing. Only one Laser Time guest still has access to TDar’s content, so I can see your point. But I bet that segment would’ve gone over an hour anyway!

      1. That wasn’t a criticism, just an observation. But it would have been cut shorter for TDar, I think, since you’d have to move on to other things. I think Laser Time can focus on one thing per episode and that’s pretty cool. It feels more like the older, rambling TDars than the more game-focused ones of late. It’s a good combo, to me, along with VGMpire.

  6. I remember just listening to the Batman Returns (SNES) music through the options menu, which featured a decent pic of Michelle Pfeiffer’s catwoman. Despite enjoying the melancholic themes, the mood would instantly be ruined by dicking around with the nearby SFX option; punch, grunt, skeleton motorcycle explosion, etc.

    Another enjoyable show guys, thanks for hosting/posting!

  7. Great episode! I would like to personally thank Chris for doing all the hard work to find these songs. We really appreciate it, Chris.

  8. Holy fuck, Riki-tiki-tavi brought back a flood of memories. I had a bunch of cassette tapes in Russian, one being the story of Riki-tiki-tavi. I remember being terrified as fuck during the ending because both the voice actor and the music was incredibly unnerving, creating a really tense atmosphere. Thanks for that.

  9. Loved the quiz! Love the SNES and if I was to pick one I think I would have to say Earthbound just because it is super quirky and I got to name everything in the game. PK Gaming and Tacos!

  10. Cool.

    This episode made me want to go track down a SuperNintendo so i can raise my kids with the same games I played.

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