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  1. WHOOOOH Lasertime!

    Now I can spend my nights cold and alone…with the sweet sweet sounds of lasertime bringing me back from the brink of suicide!

    1. And coincidentally enough, this is the first LaserTime WITH someone with tits. Real ones – not man-boobs or anything!

      (This makes me ‘GTFO exempt’.)

  2. If it means anything, Chris, episode 3 was my absolute favorite episode of any podcast I’ve ever listened to. Keep ’em coming.

    1. So you’re the one! It absolutely means something. Sucks being proud of something no one else gives a shit about… Story of my life. IT’S THE STORY OF LASER TIME!

      1. “come now Chris that’s loser talk ” generic 50s dad. Every single laser time has meant something to me and I’ve loved everyone, so cheers for giving up your time to massage my rather large ears with the awesomeness that is laser time

      2. I’ve LOVED every episode, but ep5 was SuPERFANJAZZY!!! It was the perfect mix of humor, tales, and racism. You go on doin’ whatchu doin’, you majestic man…. glorious…. man hair…. man. mmmmmm.

    2. I also agree, episode three was wonderful, it was nice listening to music and some memories that people have had. I personally was not old enough to hear all these themes, but it was fun listening to the hosts reminisce.

  3. So does this collect the titular lines of films? I had the title line and the titular line of starwars, you know, before the cut it. It was in the scene where Han was teaching Luke how to drive, I walk past and go “I’m so sick of all these Star Wars”. I think its in the cinematic cut, though.

  4. God know where it came from, but I had that Jazzy Jeff / Will Smith album on tape when I was a kid. Loved it! Was willing you to play ‘parents just don’t understand’ , ha.

    This is my favourite random, nostalgia based podcast. Keep it up.

    1. Oh yeah, something good about Ghostbusters 2…when they are controlling the Statue of Liberty, they are using the NES Advantage (analog turbo joystick)

  5. Fantastic episode guys 😀

    Also for that Chad Kroeger hero contest I found something very special- something that puts that hilariously melodramatic song with an especially melodramatic film:


  6. I can’t believe you guys didn’t mention “The Living Daylights” while talking about Bond themes. That’s definitely one of my faves. Also, to add to your titular list, I present a little gem called Judgement Night. The whole soundtrack consists of rock/rap collaborations. The titular song is by Onyx and Biohazard. There’s also Big Trouble In Little China by John Carpenter’s band Coupe De Villes. (Also Strange Days by Prong on the Strange Days soundtrack, though that’s not nearly as comical)

    – It’s always Laser Time somewhere…

    1. DAMMIT! I totally had Big Trouble all qued up, and just forgot! Not acknowledging Judgement Night is just a huge misstep on my part. Fucking love that film/soundtrack

  7. Oh man, lasertime just keeps getting better. Looking forward to the next one!

    Why can’t we just get beyond Thunderdome?

  8. I love this podcast. It’s so great to hear you guys getting to do what you do without the constraints that GR may be putting on you. One of my closest friends in real life is Slow Octopus from the GR forums and we have both been listening and talking about each episode. Keep it up. Love you guys.

    1. Shit my name is Sunni Dee. I didn’t mean to post that as my name. Also what about the people who already donated 50 plus. Do we get an improv?

  9. After a long day of disapointment, with my low grades in school and horrible flu…I am ever so glad to hear from LASER TIME.
    Also, whenever I hear the segue into the second segment, I just think of Antista on a caboose and warping into LASER SPEED.

  10. No “Spies Like Us” by Sir Paul McCartney? Hey, hey, whaddaya say?

    Maybe you’re winnowing out the younger listeners by focusing so much on things only we over-30 types were around for. Keep it up, we need to get rid of all the young whippersnappers.

  11. After hearing about your woes, I donated some canuck money to your cause. Continue making aural love to my ears canals!

    Yes, that was weird.

  12. @Chris Laser Time is my all time favorite podcast, seconded only by TalkRadar and VGMpire. Everything about this podcast confirms my existence and I could not feel like that any other way without this.



  13. Woo

    I love Laser Time. I’m planning on donating more, just need some time to save up.

    I appreciate the faster speeds, I understand it is expensive so I wanted to make sure I expressed my thanks.

    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for all the time and effort everyone puts into this.

  14. Love the podcast.

    What was the music behind the ‘please donate’ interstitial? It was an 8bit version of something…

  15. Downloading… and will add it to the massive in-file of podcasts I have to listen to. I just have to finish the TDar ones first, I hate leaving things unfinished lol. Only 40ish more to go and I’m all caught up ;D

  16. Laughing at LaserTime at work WILL BE the one thing that eventually gets me fired…that’s an honor few people hold

  17. you guys are so… suburban. and “white”. and… i love you for it.
    it’s so sweet hearing you guys get things wrong and being blissfully ignorant.
    it balances out with how awesome you guys are as people, and all the awesome pop culture stuff you guys actually DO know. C:

    i still don’t understand why you guys don’t livestream this, while you’re recording.
    also… you guys need money to keep the site going? MAKE SHIRTS!
    follow the webcomics formula guys. adverting and merchandising keeps you a float when your primary product is free. :/
    sorry for yelling.
    i love you guys. X3

  18. Since I’m in Europa and don’t expect you guys too send prices overseas I’ll summit two video’s so you can disqualify me. But please do watch them I had fun looking for them. (with the sound off)

    1# http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iphas1uCZZs
    Who the fuck records they’re clips from a CRT with a camera then edits them with windows movie maker to upload them to youtube in 2010?!

    2# http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XcfLRxhgfc
    I don’t if know why someone would make this.

  19. Awesome show. My mind almost snapped when the Space Jam music started. That’s pretty much all I remember from that year.

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd of course, by request, blow me.

  20. This podcast is amazing.
    Also, here’s a great ‘Hero’ montage featuring Severus Snape
    The video features extreme close ups of Alan Rickman’s face and a stunning finale with quotes from Deathly Hallow’s epilouge. I love this contest.

  21. I love when Laser Time starts to meander. That’s when the conversations get to be interesting and the references fly. I’ve been introduced to so much great (and laughably terrible) stuff through you guys and my soul jams a sword gracefully through its own abdomen each time you pull yourselves back on track.

  22. Oh my god! Ghostbusters 2! I saw that movie in the theater so many times. We had a $1 theater in our town and it played there for 2 weeks over 1 summer. We went every day, sometimes multiple times a day. We basically lived there. That movie holds a special place in my childhood.

  23. Since I don’t seem to be able to read, here is what I posted in the article except in the right place:

    This video starts out with “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park, which of course is another song that is used in these kinds of montages, starting out with the troops on Iwo Jima raising the flag (I think), a video of Lance Armstrong, footage of the 9/11 twin towers attack, and claymation. Then it gets to the good stuff. Heros mashed up with Star Wars episodes 1, 2, and 3. Goddamn this is great.


    1. Again, batman related and if I do happen to win Id love the med riddler shirt but the other shirt isnt bad either.

  24. Great stuff as usual but for the love of god/allah/oblivion/krishna, what is the song that they end the cast with?!?!?

  25. That nightmare in elm street song was by will smith????? I used to think he was SOOO cool. Also Weird Science!

  26. Can we have more Brelton John? Brett’s Crocodile Rock parody reached through my Thanksgiving haze and made me remember something I listened to days ago. Only Lasertime can do that!

  27. Chris I wonder if you’ll appreciate this one or if it’ll go over your head. One word: Balto.


    Also i found this in the related videos. A Balto montage set to Hero, by Skillet (the same cliche songwriting but in metal form)


    Take note of how whenever the female singer is singing the clips are of the female dog talking.

    These may not be the WORST, but they’re definitely entertaining in a humiliating “i can’t believe they tried so hard with this”.

    I love the podcast, and even though i’m ignorant of the majority of the references you guys make on the podcast (in short, i’m a 21 y.o. cinematically uncultured nerd) every episode of lasertime has been extremely entertaining. Keep it up!

  28. Hey have you every looked into blip.tv for hosting guys? I use it for my podcast and It’s pretty cheap for a 14 month sub and everyone I watch uses it, Nostalgia Critic, Spoony, Cinema Snob…pretty much everyone, hope that helps

  29. I can’t believe you guys were talking about the Weird Science TV show, I loved that show when I saw it about 13 years ago and I just remembered it and downloaded the 1st and 2nd series (you can’t buy the DVD’s in the UK) only about a week ago, this is why I love you guys!

  30. Chris brought back so many memories when he mentioned the Weird Scince show along with Duckman!! I watched those shows so much because I would record them on a VHS tape. So good.

  31. Been digging extensively for the worst Hero montage gotten a couple and been editing as I find even worse montages as I dig into this shit pile. I have found a top 3 in my opinion.

    The 3rd worst I’ve found thusfar is about Randy Orton. A wrestler. Maybe this would be relevant if I gave a damn about wrestling. To me it all just comes off a bit too homo erotic. It’s reasonably well edited but man… so much sweat


    In second Is this one on the anime suck fest known as Inhuyasha. Which is not as Homo erotic but equally grating to watch.


    This is the worst though, absolute bottom of the barrel. Objectively the worst executed and most irrelevant to the music. A kingdom hearts one. It just make no sense to watch. I cannot believe how bad this one is.


  32. Alright, let’s try this. A DBZ-based Hero video. My favorite bit has to be towards the beginning when he first mentions the ‘wings of an eagle’ or whatever since it’s a clip of Vegeta powering up with a bird flying in slo-mo over that (and over that is Goku’s face I think.).


    I have a feeling there are worse out there, but I can only listen to that song so many times (and yes, I have to listen to it. If I mute it, I can’t tell if the fan vid peoples are going literal or not!).

    Also! I’ve listened to and loved every episode, so there’s that. I love you guys, never stop.

  33. The LL Cool J line “My hat is like a sharks fin” is actually a reference to one of his first big singles. In the song ‘I’m Bad’ he says “MC’s can’t win I make ’em rust like tin, they call me Jaws! …My hat is like a shark’s fin”

    I suspect the only reason he was even IN the movie “Deep Blue Sea” is so they could logically use him in the soundtrack. Probably because of that line.

  34. I don’t know if they mentioned it because right now I’m listening to it but for some reason I started thinking of “Samurai Pizza Cats.” I don’t know why.

  35. I find it hard to believe people didn’t love the dino-themed Lasertime because I fucking loved it! That cast in particular so plunged me into full fledged nostalgia mode that I actually sought out the old ‘Dinosaur!’ documentary, I used to own on vhs narrated by Walter Cronkite AND a t.v. special, ‘Dinosaur: A fun filled trip back through time’ starring a child Fred Savage, afterwards and needless to say neither was as amazing as I remembered them being but oh well, I still loved the cast. In fact I have loved every episode of Lasertime that I have seen so far. So, keep up the good work guys bc it is appreciated and adored, I promise!

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