8 thoughts on “VGMpire Episode 5 is all about Metroid!

  1. It’s strange that it took you 5 episodes to start pimping it out… but i’m glad you are trying to bring it some well deserved exposure.
    Also, what are your opinions on Soundradar?

    1. Really liked this episode. I vaguely remember watching my brother play the early metroids at a really young age. But actually i kinda feel like my experience with metroid prime was parallel to brett’s experience with the early metroid games. Those random chozo ghosts always creeped me out haha. I also played a lot of Fusion, so i’m glad brett included that as well.

  2. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve listen to this episode since last Wednesday. Far too many.

    Thanks to Brett and his Metroid 25th Anniversary send-off, my year feels way more complete.

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