58 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Bionic Sleep

  1. Ahhhhh man……I forgot my headphones and usb. Now I have to drive home and download before listen…….gggrrrrrrrrrrr(shakes fist)

  2. With last episodes quote:”Yesh, Shean Connery approvesh of Hitler Punchsing babysh” you have won me over as a listener for life.

  3. I would like to completely disagree with the assessment that X-Men Evolution is a bad show, yes it starts out bad, much like most new cartoons, but the 3rd season really picks up and the fourth season is great, the show needs to be given a second chance BEYOND the first two seasons, which again, were very shitty

      1. lol exactly, no one (including me) watched it past the first two seasons because (a) they were shit and (b) it went to cable. Later on I rented them from and watched the rest of the show and it actually got really good, it stopped being high school drama and MANJAW and started to be really action packed and dramatic

    1. flabslapper is right of course. X-Men Evolution was good. The last season with the whole fight against Apocalypse was one of the strongest in any superhero cartoon I’ve seen.

  4. Hell yes, lovin lasertime. Awesome stuff. BTW if anyone hasn’t tried VGMpire yet its awesome. My favourite is episode 4, love the Jumping Flash soundtrack, listened to it loads. I honestly didn’t think it would be my sorta thing but I can’t wait for more.

    Also cheers for the Fresh Prince, Murder on my Street song. Never heard it before, now its my go to “drunk and on youtube” song, ta x

  5. Time for some awkward laughing while commuting! I already picked up two girls from college thanks to sudden outbursts of laughter, thanks Lasertime!

  6. I’m just throwing it out there, but an Arrested Development centered ‘cast would be sweet. Anyways, LaserTime is awesome! Keep up the good work, guys.

  7. This is definitely not the episode for new people to jump into the show with, but it’s fine for followers of the personalities. I kind of like Chris being free to do whatever he feels like with his show.

  8. This episode avoids the format of the show with reckless abandon, I can’t imagine non TDAR fans jumping into this and enjoying the 30 minutes of piss and vomit talk. Still enjoyed it though.

  9. Fuck yes! Laser Time!! Now I don’t have to strangle myself for lack of funny in my day. (Yes, Antista, you are a comedic god. Ego boner stroked enough for ya?)

  10. the bionic six intro WAS awesome. yes. the actual show was awful. and i didn’t realize it until i bought vhs copies back in the mid 90s when i was a teen going through a bit of nostalgia tripping. haha
    i will say this… the toys were weird.
    they were die-cast metal/ painted, with metal pin joints and the bionic parts translucent coloured plastic.
    if you played with them for too long the paint wore off, and if you dropped one the plastic part would break and you had no more action figure.
    also… they were so heavy they couldn’t stand up on their own.
    it was terrible, but i thought it was soooo cool back then.

  11. In the UK the only way to watch the Xmen cartoon was by watching BBC 1’s Live and Kicking on a Saturday morning were they’d show two 5 minute clips of an episode each week. And this was probably at least 2 years after it was originally shown in the states. Interesting right? Today’s kids don’t know how good they’ve got it!!!!

  12. That improv bit completely destroyed me. That was so funny. It’s a shame that I was walking home as I was listening to it.

  13. Just had to come back and say I was initially like wtf is this, where’s X-Men and dreams?, but then I got it. It was a slow burn lol.

  14. I hate to be the one to sip the hatorade, but this episode was pretty hard work.
    I listen to Lasertime to hear Brett, Chris, Mikel and Henry, not to hear Tyler talking to his girlfriend.

    If you can’t get the gang together to record a proper podcast then I’d rather you just skip a week and then come back stronger next time than have you half ass a podcast and then put it out.
    You know, gotta keep the Lasertime brand strong.

    I don’t want to sound like a hater and I know that keeping up with a weekly podcast must be difficult, but I say this because I love you guys and don’t want to see lasertime fall by the wayside.

    1. Wah, you don’t have to listen to every show they put out. And I would prefer to have this than nothing…

      So, STFU. Go back to hating your mom for not mashing your potatoes right.

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