46 thoughts on “Laser Time – Muppets vs Marvel vs Star Trek

  1. GAWD! brett breaking down the muppets in parallel to fighting games is great.
    an yes, kermit is the optimus prime of the muppets!

    also… you guys are the same age as me and are talking like a bunch of old men.
    kids are going to be fine.
    my niece is fine, my ex girlfriends daughter is possibly going to be one of the people who will contribute to the future of entertainment.
    it’s going to be fine. stop sounding like our parents and their parents did when the times changed.

    chris… i’m proud of you. you did your homework on the muppet babies, i don’t know anyone else who actually knows about that stuff.
    also… i wanna read that disney/nintendo article chirs. GET ON IT!

  2. Lasertime is GO!

    I would love to see an all Jim Henson lasertime. The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Farscape, and The Storyteller to name a few.

  3. First things first: love me some Lasertime – between it and the oooooooooooooootthhhhhherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr podcast, my week starts great and ends great.

    However, I must implore you to number your podcasts. Stupid as it is, the numbers make the memorable sequences even more concrete; I associate the number with, “Oh right, they did that bit during that podcast.” So many of my other podcasts have lost their numbering as well, and they just kind of blend together. So please, continue numbering them.

  4. Great episode!, interesting anecdote, the movie follow that bird was shot partially in the town where I live. A small Canadian town!! good times.

  5. Darkstalkers 4 confirmed?! Uncle Traveling Matt is an unlockable character?! Thanks LT!

  6. I’ve been buried under grading 100 Freshman math students’ tests and projects (Gaaah! It’s like they’ve never taken a college class before!) for a month or so, so I just want to check in and say to the Laser Time crew that I love Laser Time (and TalkRadar). Thank you, gentlemotherfuckers. You keep the gun in my mouth un-cocked.

  7. I understand this must be quite a demanding thing to keep up and running, but I (we) love Lasertime and hope it thrives.

    With all the warmth in my heart, I love you.

  8. goddamn it, i had the hardest time keeping my composure when u guys were reading Troy McClure titles. i’m tearing up at work and my face is convulsing. this isn’t good.

  9. God dammit, every time I hear Rainbow Connection, I just wanna cry. Such a beautiful song sung by an amazing frog. Thanks Laser Time for getting me all misty about the Muppets

  10. Thank you for bringing up The Storyteller, utterly love that show and always will… shame about the “Greek Myths” season that was nowhere near as good. ‘The Soldier and Death’ still brings a tear to my eye about how tragic it is, at least all the others had sort-of happy endings. Oh, and NONE of the stories were British – they were Russian, German or East European folk tales.

    Henry, that song you brought up very briefly was “Time In A Bottle” and it’s the exact same song I was thinking of when you guys were discussing it. Heard that on The Muppet Show and it’s now one of my favourite songs.

  11. “You see, Timmy, in nature animals eat other animals to survive. Just ask this scientician…”

    Man, I loved Phil Hartman.

  12. WOOO!!!! I was surprised that the James Gandolfini and C. S. Lewis meeting went as great as it did, I honestly don’t know why that poppped into my head. well done!

    Also I love you lasertime!

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