45 thoughts on “Laser Time – Xmas Special Special

  1. maaaaaaaaaaaan chris. seriously i try to help you guys out by +1ing you guys on G+ and talking about you in my blogs and journal posts, but dammit when you say shit like that shoe salesman comment it just makes me not want to share this stuff because i don’t want people who follow me to think i share your limited ignorant worldview.

    otherwise… i love you guys and i love this episode.
    i’m proud of you again for being on top of that shit with animation knowledge.
    my own animation teacher in college didn’t even know about rankin/bass hiring the team that went on to become studio ghibli to do the intro animation.
    murry chrimuss lasertime

    also… every year my family gets together on thanksgiving and watches NL christmas vacation. it’s an insane tradition we’ve had for yeeeeeears

    1. Apologies, as I was probably hitting at a topic too heavy for Laser Time (and trying to be funny.) Death of the working class stuff, no racism implied honestly

      1. I’m with him, I know you’re just trying to be funny and love that, but it’s kind of annoying when you view everything as racist involving white people.

        1. Jesus Christ… just because I mentioned race doesn’t make me racist. I bailed on the joke entirely to avoid these kinds of discussions. Fuck me, I s’pose

          1. Chris, you did nothing wrong. God I swear people are just too fucking sensitive and can’t take a joke. I would rate the racism on that shoe salesman bit 1 out of 10 Mencias. Everyone makes race jokes, everyone. It would be a lie these days for people to say that they have never told or laughed at a race joke. I especially hate people who are cover their mouths when they “secretly” laugh at race jokes, then act with a holier-than-thou complex to unrightfully judge others. You’re awesome Chris, and please never censor yourself to please these people. We, the ones with a sense of humor, will love you more for it. Mad homo.

          2. Naw, fuck the people that can’t take a joke. I loved the episode and I enjoyed the humor. Great show.

          1. There was a day and age where you had to actually do something to earn the bad reputation as a racist. The world is too PC now.
            I personally thought it was a funny joke….

  2. I’d prefer a show that lets Chris do his stuff without cohosts saying, “I don’t care about this, let’s move on.” I like all the various cohosts, but Henry’s the only one that I can’t think of a time when he shits on what’s going on. I would have loved even more Muppet stuff last week, even though I enjoyed the Star Trek/Marvel game, but apparently some of the people in the room didn’t care as much as the host, so we didn’t get as much as I would have liked.

    The show’s still entertaining, though, everything is aimed pretty squarely at me. Good job.

  3. Guys! Why can’t I listen to this one on Doggcatcher on my Android?!
    All the other episodes work fine. Kinda freaking out right now…

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