42 thoughts on “Laser Time – lol Canada

  1. Mitchy D blew took the wool from our eyes! This laser time is two months old! And Mitchy, you sound waaaaayyyy too much like Brett.

    1. He also sounded a bit like Hollander Cooper a time or two. And Coop sounds like Dan Amrich. But Dan doesn’t sound like Brett. Weird.

  2. YEAHHHH, I know I did, but to be fair everything I said about open doors applies to today — my front door is wide open at this very moment.

  3. had to comment, and it got a bit out of hand..

    1. A river? Where the fuck is the Canada river?
    2. We look down on the Newfies because they are newbies. They were an English colony until after WWII. Also they have the weirdest dialect ever. India call center people on their first day speak better English. Their one redeeming quality is that they’re funny. Half the comedians on Canadian TV, especially sketch comedy, are from The Rock (not Dwayne Johnson).
    3. The worst neighbourhood (yes, with a u!) in Vancouver is the Downtown Eastside. The worst gang area is probably Jane and Finch in Toronto. The most murders is Edmonton (there’s is nothing there but a mall).
    4. Toronto is nicknamed the Big Smoke, but several larger cities have been called that. “the T dot” or “TO” are more specific to Toronto.
    5. MJ Fox is currently acting on the TV show Good Wife.
    6. I was in the Olympic closing ceremony. I got to see a full dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony (without the torch, which they really should have practiced!) they changed it for the televised performance, but originally the natives danced until the people dressed in white clothing (aka the white people) showed up and ended the party. So historically accurate!
    7. You guys rock 🙂 as does that Shatner song!

  4. i know deep in the lasertime dungeon that you have Paul Ryan… also this was a good episode, as i am from the land of frowziness

  5. Great show, Mr. C.Ant, et al. That Canadian celebrity quiz was excruciating, tho. I was pretty upset over Rick Moranis, but then you brought up Phil Hartman. What the hell is wrong with these kids? I was, in fact, punching myself in the head… And balls… And wife…

  6. Great episode! I think a lot of it hinged on Mitch being from basically the exact area I’m from; super weird having someone from around where I live on this show finally (well, I guess he was also on one or two PAX TDars).

  7. I have not started listening yet, but based on the comments this looks to be a good episode.
    Rad way to start 2012 eh?

  8. I personally did not care for this episode at all. I think it’s when I know the answer to a quiz question 2 minutes before the co-host finally figures it out. So I spend two minutes just getting annoyed how Tyler and Mitch can’t think of the answer.

  9. Enjoyed the episode (as usual). I was screaming out answers during the Guess Who segment (I see what you did there…clever girl).

    I’m from Kitchener. And yes! I went there on purpose. Home of the largest Bavarian festival in North America – Oktoberfest! Ya, that’s about it…

    Keep up the great work. I’m still waiting on my discussion of how Dino talked during one episode of the Flintstones! Did you ever get my donation?

  10. As a proud Newfie, go fuck yourselves you mainlanders. Also “Newbie” bah, St.John’s is the oldest city in North America.

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