58 thoughts on “Laser Time – Adult jokes in kids cartoons

      1. Henry at least always seems interested and helpful no matter what the subject is, instead of complaining about having to talk about something on a podcast, or just wandering off.

  1. I was thinking, as I read the save as file name as Ep16, where was Ep15? Then I looked back and noticed both 2 previous podcasts are labeled Ep14_variable. I had deleted the last part so I think I missed a week! 2 for 1 deal on the Lasertimes.

  2. i feel bad for these guys now that they are sponsored it really shows that they need donations. please donate and help them out so we can have this wonderful show.

    1. Without even verifying this, I already know it to be true. However, I’m almost glad we excluded it, because including anything from Japan probably would’ve made this episode nine hours long.

  3. Audible….:( while I appreciate that they support podcasts I feel they tend to derail them a, I stop listening to This Week in Tech after Leo would go on some long tangent about appreciate and book he was recommending. I can see Chris having some real fun with it though 🙂

    1. If I may be totally transparent about this, such callouts are a basically required with this kind of partnership. But it’s a product and medium we’re totally behind, and conversely, Audible is one of the few businesses that believes in the power of podcasts. We personally like and use the service, and they’re very cool about letting us dictate how we plug them in a way we find acceptable.

      That said, we’re not only trying to keep the spots to a minimum length and frequency, we’re also dedicated to keeping them separated from the show content to avoid out of context tangents. Hope you stay with us.

  4. The rules that Batman TAS had to follow is actually from the 90’s Spiderman cartoon.
    In one episode of Batman, he’s under the effects of fear gas and he sees the gun that killed his parents coming for him and it’s gigantic, dripping blood and surrounded by flames.
    Incredibly dark stuff for a cartoon but it’s pure unfiltered Batman I loved the show as a kid and love it even more now.

    1. DUDE! This is fantastic! It’s knowledge like this that makes me wish we did a live call-in show. DARE TO DREAM!

  5. Dearest Chris, I know it’s probably in the least of your interests, but I IMPLORE you to check out the old Sam & Max cartoon. If there were any finer example of an adult show limited to a childrens’ time slot, and taking full advantage of it, that’s the one. I’m not sure if you’d like it as much as I imagine, but I think of you every time I watch it. So there’s that. A lot of the episodes have great scripts, and I seem to recall at least two prison rape jokes in the Christmas special.

    Also, on the topic of the Powerpuff Girls clip you played, you cut it off before the best part. It actually goes like this:

    “Nobody tells me when to come! I’m a MONSTER! I surprise.”

    1. My bad, I used all the context the internet gave me for that Powerpuff Girls clip, I swear. And where exactly would one go about seeing the Sam & Max cartoon. I only have the vaguest of memories of it. Was on Fox Kids, right?

      1. Well I simply bought the series on DVD, but the Youtube user ” torturetoi ” has uploaded every single episode, absolutely money-free.

  6. oh cool. audible is sponsoring lasertime.

    chris… can i come sleep on your couch?
    i don’t have a job or house anymore and i don’t wanna keep sleeping on my moms couch and using her wifi.
    atlanta sucks.
    lasertime is the opposite of sucks.

  7. The most times I wanted to jump in and shout some answers, which really didn’t help at work saying “GAY BASH” referring to the rocko modern’s life rainbow comment, and “FIFI IS THE HORNY SKUNK!” Really great listening to an hour long podcast about cartoon innuendos and I hope there’s a 2! To continue this on youtube!

  8. One of the funniest ones you missed is from “The Fairly Odd Parents”, I have kids. Timmy wishes for his dad to get a new job that he loves. The dad then busts threw the door dressed for space and says he is leaving on a “trip to Uranus.It’s a planet who knew!” Then as a running gag threw the show he just will open a door and yell “who knew!”

  9. I totally remember the Brave Little Toaster and had no idea of the Disney link. I’m afraid I do not have anything to add to the conversation though.

  10. And this is why I adore Lasertime: Tiny Toons, Rocko’s Modern Life, Animaniacs, Freakazoid, the awesome Batman: TAS, ahh memories from my childhood brought back to me through the show. I love it! Brave Little Toaster is something I especially loved as a kid and I do remember thinking even then, damn this is dark and scary at times! Oh, and Henry is awesome! Shame on all you Henry haters! SHAAAAME!!

  11. just started listening to the show. had my cup of coffee up to my mouth about to drink when brett says “that are colors” in reference to natural flavors my laugh blew air into my coffee and then coffee all over my keyboard and shirt. love the show.

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