Win a Professor Layton Prize Pack or 1600 Xbox Live Points!*

*Orange Dollar Store Godzilla Not Included

We’re real proud of our recent Laser Time episode concerning Adult Jokes in Kids Cartoons, however, we think we did a piss poor job of promoting it. That’s were you come in, dear listeners! Help us pimp the episode on Facebook or Twitter and you could win Professor Layton and The Last Specter on Nintendo DS and a Layton t-shirt (Large) or a 1600 Point Xbox Live card (worth $20!)

Twitter: Tweet a link to this episode’s URL with a brief desciption as to why it’s awesome/worth listening to and the hastag “#LASERTIME”
Facebook: Head to our Facebook Page, like our asses, find the post about our latest episode and “Share” it on your Wall.

Enter on both social platforms to increase your chances of being a Winrar! Failure to follow the directions above will make it impossible to see if you entered, thus ineligible. And thanks in advance for putting up with our shenanigans. At this point, we really can’t get the word out about Laser Time without your help.

You guys rule,

23 thoughts on “Win a Professor Layton Prize Pack or 1600 Xbox Live Points!*

  1. No, C.Ant. You guys are the ones who rule. With all your busy schedules and you still put this out for us the fans and because you guys rock at podcasting it just is so refreshing to see such enthusiasm. Sorry about the “Super Pizza Boy” 🙁

  2. I will continue to support this podcast long after the nuclear wars have killed off all humanity and the only that remains is me, an iPod and a few mutant wastelanders. LONG LIVE LASERTIME!!!

  3. Hahaha. I love the “fingerprints/finger Prince” joke. Listening to the Animaniacs clips convinced me to buy all 3 (I believe there are only 3, so far) volumes of Animaniacs. Well done good sirs.

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