73 thoughts on “Laser Time – Life 101

    W-Wait…nobody here is from Gamesrader 🙁
    …I’m sad aga-OH SHIT LAWER TIME!

  2. Gotta say might of been might favorite lasertime yet. The perfect mix of wit, sincerity, outrage, and grossness. Kudos.

  3. Cool, blow me!

    I like Big Bang but I’m pretty sure it will be funny listening to the hate, like with Dark Souls in Talkradar 😛

  4. Definitely my favorite episode so far. I’ve always thought you guys were funniest when you went into your podcasts with no plan.

    Also, make sure Mike Grimm keeps coming back.

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  6. Guys Big Bang Theory isn’t about nerds, it’s about 3 guys with different types of autism living together in one appartment. That’s why they can’t hold a conversation for more than 20 seconds, and have a book-case of like 300 books.
    That’s what the show is about.

    It’s less of a sitcom, and more of a… situational tragedy.

  7. Why did the chicken cross the road?.. Because Nintendo64!!!! Lol!
    What did the lesbian say to the priest?… Halo 4!!!! Lol!
    Oh Big Bang Theory, you have removed the urge to kill myself.

  8. Nice Sembello, Monster Squad montage music during the first break. I come for the 30 minute shit stories but i stay for that sweet sweet nostalgia.

    Oh and freeform suits the show. More of this.

  9. “Hey son where’d you get that new shirt?”
    ” What? This LASER TIME shirt? Well from this website… It’s awesome!”
    “Cool! let’s listen to the newest episode!”
    Listens to over 20 minutes of talk about shit… and showers, and pooping, and greasy bed sheets, and dirtiness… awkward…

  10. This episode is pure hilarity. People around me today no doubt thought i was a social regret as i was laughing out loud in public for most of the podcast. consecutively amazing throughout. cant help but think it would have been even better to have henerey there to be disgusted at all of the hygenic observations

  11. Thank god you guys finally took a shot at that god awful show. My life is full of fucking idiots who suck the show’s dick non stop. In my own household I’m the only person who doesn’t watch or enjoy it, so any time I walk past my brother’s room or down on the main floor, I have to hear the grating shithead writing. Even around my friends I have to endure it, they will put this drek on the television like it’s quality entertainment and sit around it, enthralled. I seriously don’t understand what the hell is wrong with people.

    Big Bang Theory is shit.

  12. Is it just me or is there an UNGODLY amount of neon colors in the Big Bang Theory? That was seriously the first thing I noticed when I first saw the show…

  13. Hey guys love the show this week but I have to say I disagree about Big Bang Theory. I like the show and don’t miss a ep. I’m also a huge gamer and I don’t mind the damn jokes in the show. I really don’t know where all the hate comes from but everyone is entitle to their opinion. Anyway great show and keep up the great work.

  14. Man, I could relate to the butt wiping discussion but then they started with their “So many flights. Amirite?” whoa, lost me. Awesome show!

  15. This episode certainly won’t win over anybody not familiar with the guys, but it was good for us longtime fans.

    I actually enjoy flying back into the Midwest, all the nicely organized fields and roads appeal to me. And I object to someone from Illinois saying, “and if you look to your left you’ll see Kansas.” What about Iowa? Or Missouri?

  16. Really enjoyed this week’s podcast. The first segment was hilarious, from toilet paper to penny shame to the airport stuff. The second segment was slightly depressing, from a televisual standpoint. At least Brett is watching Community now!

    I just wish Chris had been a bit less vague about the recent “sadness” regarding Grimm and the other Future employees. Had I not coincidentally glanced at the Gamesradar forums recently, I’d have no idea what he was talking about. Much like the initial creation of Laser Time.
    Some of us aren’t on Twitter! You have to actually explain things on the ‘casts sometimes!

  17. Love it when you guys go in without a plan and love having Grimm on the show. One of the best episodes so far.

  18. great episode guys! love the big bang shit, some of my friends showed me the show, and i instantly hated it, soo annoying, keep it up, and get hEnereyG round

  19. haha
    i love this episode! and i love GRIMM
    hahaha condoms and tissue paper are like polar opposites XD

    you guys are so weird, giving even an ounce of time to being bothered by the big bang theory.
    as if “geeks” “nerds” or anyone who is moderately interested in something that isn’t slack jaw accessible being the butt of jokes is something new. it’s not.
    “geek” culture finally gained credibility in the last decade and was recognized as a part of pop culture. shows like tbbt are the slow burn to better shows where gaming refs aren’t forced and nerdy characters aren’t afraid of girls and crap like that.
    i’ve watched it. it doesn’t bother me at all usually… it has its moments, but it’s mostly overkill. too much geeky nerdy dorkiness concentrated in one place. no group of anyone even remotely interested i what these guys are in to are this severe.


  20. One day in the future, our ilk will look upon Big Bang Theory with the either the active hate African-Americans show Amos & Andy, or the silent dismissal the gay community shows Will & Grace. Either way, it will be shunned. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

  21. Sorry to double-post, but I just wanted to add that I also have a Cuban Toilet-Paper Crisis with my roommate, and neither side will give an inch and just buy a damn roll.

    1. I love Sherlock on BBC, however I was watching it before Chris said anything… I do have him to thank for introducing me to The Venture Bros, though.

  22. I’ve been going insane trying to convince people to stop watching Big Bang Theory and start watching Community. It shouldn’t be this hard!!

    Keep up the awesome work, guys, you’re the best!

  23. I got season one of big bang theory on dvd from friends who don’t know my taste in tv.

    i’ll never watch it.

    i used to be a semi-fan of the show but then i discovered how much better community and parks and rec are. in the 8:00 thursday time slot shared by big bang theory and community, i go to community every time with no questions asked.

  24. thank you for letting me know what BIG BANG THEORY IS. i was going to ACTUALLY try to watch that TERRIBLE THING!!!

    youz guyz iz awzome!!!

  25. Holy shit the massive dumping on Big Bang Theory was so damn good, here I was worried you guys were endorsing it with that intro to Tdar a couple weeks back.

  26. Haha the Big Bang Theory bashing was brilliant, think Laser Time is really starting to hit it’s stride! (maybe apart from the SuperGirl episode)

  27. Love me some Grimm. Made me sad to hear he wont be on T-dar anymore but the possibility of him becoming a regular contributor to laser time makes me squeal with joy.

  28. Despite all the shit talk and by that I really mean talking about shit lol, I really enjoyed this episode and look forward to more unstructured podcast episodes in the future. Lasertime 4 Ever!

  29. 2 years and this is STILL the best episode of the show EVER. You guys should make another show like this. Just shootin’ the shit, pun intended, and talking about random bullshit.

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