46 thoughts on “Laser Time – Spider-man and Football

      1. I’m a huge football fan. And Laser Time is my favorite podcast.

        There’s plenty of us nerds who like sports out there, in the shadows, keeping tabs on our fantasy match-up as well as our WoW auctions.

        1. I actually expected everyone on the podcast to just completely trash football but then I had to think there was SOME reason they decided to talk about it despite the Super Bowl and I am cracking up at all these songs. Well done! lol

          Btw, Antista, I think you need to watch Friday Night Lights on Netflix to understand what is it that has people loving football. 🙂

          GO GIANTS!

  1. I have to admit, I adore the “Are you ready for some football” sound effect. Now if only you could bring back Bretts “55!!!” from the tdar of the same number.
    Anyway, great episode. Henry needs this comic podcast, that would be like audio popcorn given how ridiculous some comic story lines get.

  2. The problem with the argument that what DC and it’s writers are doing with the Watchmen prequels and what Moore has done with other literary characters is that things like Lost Girls or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen exist outside the basic “realities” of the works that Moore culled those characters from. The original works exist separately and outside of the work that Moore does with those characters. The Watchmen Prequels do not and cannot exist outside of the Watchmen, they will instead have a direct and unavoidable impact on the original work. That’s why JMS’s argument that Moore is being a hypocrite is incorrect, and ultimately self serving.

  3. Another amazing episode of Lasertime, oh yeah! Omg, the comic discussion was hilarious! “Am I raping the invisible man to death, how would you ever know?”. Amazing! Henry and Brett, as a relative newcomer to comics, I am always engrossed and fascinated by your great collective knowledge of comic book content and history. I am only saddened by the fact that neither of you have ever mentioned the Secret Six comic by Gail Simone from DC, if you can’t tell by my name that (now cancelled 🙁 ) series is my favorite. Anyway, keep up the great work Lasertime team!

  4. Sigh I hate being a sports nerd, your hated by the sports community cause your too smart with your historical stats, win probability charts, advanced metrics, talk of defensive schemes, substitutions and tactical planning annnnnnd then the nerd community hates you cause your a dumb, I like big men hitting each other, ooooooooh look at that cheerleader shes effing hot, Cheap Beer! sports fan, when in reality your in both communities, plus you like to watch Community.

  5. With so many choices for hosts I’m not sure why you always end up with at least one host being bored with the topic. Why was Carolyn on this one? I like her, but if you know she’s going to be there why not do a show she could actually get involved in?

    I had no idea there were any lame football songs other than the Superbowl Shuffle. But now I know, and they all seem to be even worse than that is.,

  6. The best football fight song is ‘The Autumn Wind’: The Autumn wind is a pirate Blustering in from sea With a rollicking song he sweeps along Swaggering boisterously.His face is weather beaten He wears a hooded sash With a silver hat about his head And a bristling black mustache He growls as he storms the country A villain big and bold And the trees all shake and quiver and quake As he robs them of their gold. The Autumn wind is a Raider Pillaging just for fun He’ll knock you ’round and upside down And laugh when he’s conquered and won.

    No one challenge me on this.

  7. Can I mention that each of the three times I went to see Watchmen in theaters, there were parents with their kids in the audience?

    Congrats, mom & dad, you just exposed your 7-year-old to gigantic blue penis.

    Maybe Alan Moore isn’t a literary genius, and just a guy who likes rape. Likes it a lot.

  8. Mr. Antista, do you still need a place to stay in Boston for PAX weekend? This might sound weird since we’ve never met, but the hotel room I’m staying in has two double beds if you need a place to lay your head for a night. If it’ll make you more comfortable, I promise I’ll only masturbate in my own bed and I’ll only do it after you fall asleep.

    Regardless, you have to make it to PAX somehow. I decided I wanted to go this year after hearing how much fun you guys had on TDar last year. I’m basically going to PAX to meet all you guys from TDar, Laser Time, and VGMpire. I really wanted to hang out for the live TalkRadar episode, but it might be even cooler to be part of a live Laser Time.

  9. Hank’s best appearance in a while!
    I would totally listen to a comic show or pokemonday. But only whichever one shows up first the other is fucking dead to me.

  10. i am probably the only person who enjoyed the weird spider man thing where he was “destined” to get powers, but i would not defend it to anyone else for an instant because its very clear why it shouldn’t be liked

  11. Man I’m re-listening to the old Lzertme EPs and had to comment how much I LOVE this one.
    the spider-man talk was great and Caroline dead-pan comments crack me up! she would be a hilarious straight man in a comedy show.


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