If you liked Laser Time’s recent comic discussion on the shittiest Spider-man stories and dumbass Watchmen prequels, this star-studded, inebriated retelling of the fall of Krypton’s favorite son is an absolute must-watch!

Like those Drunk History videos on Funny or Die? Here’s a much more articulate version featuring a poignant and hilarious take on the Death of Superman storyline from the early 90’s. The surprisingly coherent dude  narrating over a bottle of Johnny Walker is none other than Max Landis, writer of the recently released Chronicle and son of famed director John Landis (played in Simon Pegg in the video!)

While I’m not entirely sure you can attribute killing off/rebooting superheroes to DC in this case (that’d been going on for years) it can certainly be said it popularized, legitimized, the temporary murdering/inevitable resurrection of major characters as drastic spectacle and needless publicity stunts. Somewhat responsible for the Spidey-ridiculousness Brett and Hank bitched about in this week’s episode, even? Either way, this video kept me riveted for all of its 16 minute runtime, and that’s no small feat on the internet these days… Watch it just to see Elijah Wood playing the cutest Kal-El variant you ever did see!

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12 thoughts on “DRUNK SUPERHERO HISTORY – The Death of Superman

  1. Man this video is great! I really hope Mark Landis (and Josh Trank) are able to do some some big things in the future.

  2. I was on a road trip when a lot of these comics were coming out and own quite a few of them. As a kid, a lot of it seemed really cool – i.e., Supergirl getting her face turned to goo, Cyborg guy beating the shit out of the Metropolis Kid. I want to go find these comics at my parents home and re-read them simply to laugh at them.

  3. Wow, this was absolutely hilarious and riveting! This was very well done, I love all the stars who popped up in this unexpectedly (much like Superman popped unexpectedly back into his own comic har har) like Elijah Wood, Simon Pegg and Mandy Moore. I remember the hullabaloo surrounding this storyline when it came out: the frenzy over the actual death and then the long haired Superman who returned…I wasn’t a Superman fan so I was blissfully unaffected by said events and could merely watch the carnage unfold from afar :). Thanks so much for posting Chris! This makes me want to see the Chronicle even more now if this is the kind of talent behind it!

  4. Was that a Doctor Insano reference with Doomsday creator? Oddly similar. I suppose that mad scientist get up is pretty iconic.

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